No pause option for Dead Space?

CVG writes:

"In space no one will hear you pause, take a few deep breaths and revive yourself, before continuing. Or at least that's an option EA's dev team is looking at for its upcoming survival horror game, Dead Space.

We've all done it, or at least been comforted by the fact that if the rabid dogs in Resident Evil got a little too much, you could hit pause, calmly cycle through your inventory and ram a few health packs down your throat. You're now able to take a few more bites to the leg before seeing the You Died message. Well done you."

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Forbidden_Darkness3690d ago

hey is it true? EA is doing something new to the gameplay? its a real good idea (IMO) maybe EA is changing? yes i believe so.

Snoozer2823690d ago

To be honest, it's highly impractical. Say you needed the toilet, needed a half an hour break or just a cup of tea. While pausing may break the mood, I’d get highly frustrated if it’s not there.

bootsielon3690d ago

"To be honest, it's highly impractical. Say you needed the toilet, needed a half an hour break or just a cup of tea. While pausing may break the mood, I’d get highly frustrated if it’s not there. "

Tell that to the evil monsters. You think they'll let you go take a sh1t before they kill you? They rather make you sh1t in your pants, that way you may taste better (for them).

OMGLOLZ3690d ago

Yeah... EA is like ten times more innovative than they are.

Let's think of Activisions new games:

COD5: Back to world war 2 with a horrible developer that ruined the third game.

Guitar Hero 4: Really? You're still trying? GH3 was crap compared to Rock Band, isn't it time to give up and stop giving awful devlopers good games?

Spiderman 4: More crap.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 11: After Proving Ground I think this series is a joke.

Now let's look at EA's recent games:

Fight Night 3
Command and Conquer 3
Rock Band
Burnout Paradise
Dead Space
Mass Effect
Mercenaries 2

Those aren't even all of them, but compared to Activision they are the most creative people on the planet. Activision hates consumers. They hate you.

Play B3yond3690d ago

Theyll probably have places u can hide (like a cupboard or bathtub or sumthin) so u can take a sh1t while youre character is hiding

GIJeff3690d ago

they can make it so you are only allowed to pause when you are not near an enemy. Like, you can pause if your character is alone in a locked room, or, alone in any room. Just like in hero movies: **CLOVERFIELD SPOILER KIND OF** in cloverfield, the heros "pause" when they are in the subway station, in the small locked room with the soda machine. This could easily be done in games, and i believe would be a great idea for EAs new title.

GIJeff3690d ago

yea, activision hasn't released anything special in a long time. I'm with you. F the haterz.

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thisguywithhair3690d ago

You will be able to pause the game. You just wont be able to cycle through any of the menus while pause (ala FF VII).

Keowrath3690d ago

ahhh that answers my question at #11. I missed your post.

MK_Red3690d ago

I hope they make it optional but make this option completely pause less so there is no stop and escape in middle of scary parts.

OC Shock Value3690d ago

I hope they go thru with this.. it sounds like a great idea to me..

If only this game had online co-op as well.. this would be a MUST but.. more people need to get on the ball with the co-op in their games..

survival horror would have the best ever if done right

Rice3690d ago

Sick, i always pause a game if a part gets really scary..... This game is now on my must have list...

Laexerias3690d ago

i need to chill when i get scared, anyways instant heartimpact lol.

The_Firestarter3690d ago

Don't be such wimps! I've never paused during scary parts (like in Fatal Frame 2). Instead, I made sure to play all the way through, so I can fully appreciate the scares. >:)

Rice3690d ago

at least i play horror games, lol.... wait my bad i meant at least i watch my friends play the games.

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