A Real 'Guitar Hero' Rising

GameTanks new game will provide guitar players the chance to use a real guitar when playing their upcomming Guitar Rising. Read on to see how it will work. (Video included/ Has details the one earlier didn't include)

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cain1413569d ago

Would be a cool way for those wanting to start learning guitar to learn fairly cheaply.

Salvadore3569d ago

I really hope they expand the game by introducing Drums, Bas and vocals.

cain1413569d ago

I bet it's only a matter of time before someone does that.

bozobucketeer3569d ago

How would they incorporate drums? If you could afford the equipment for that you'd either be filthy rich or be so invested in your drums already that this game would give you nothing.

primordialmeme3569d ago

Except there are hundreds of fret buttons instead of just five and there are 6 strum bars (spaced very close together) instead of one.

Snoozer2823569d ago

As both a Guitar Hero fan and a real guitar player, this excites me and intrigues. Basically a spruced up version of Guitar Pro, the tabbing software, the gaming edge might bring me out of (real) guitar retirement.

MACHone3569d ago

Guitar Hero finally inspired me to start tinkering with a real electric guitar. And that's really all I've been doing is tinkering. I can play the intros to a dozen different songs and a few MegaMan tunes here and there, that's about it. So naturally, when I heard about Guitar Rising, I got really excited. I'm eager to see where this project goes... and if it even really gets off the ground with such heavy competition from Neversoft and Harmonix. This could be the start of something big -- you never know.

RecSpec3569d ago

I don't think it will be as popular as those but it will definitely be helpful to people who want to learn to play the guitar. (myself included)

monkey6023569d ago

The guitar in the news picture above is the same as one of mine. It's also my favourite of my collection.

bozobucketeer3569d ago

I hope you mean an Epiphone Les Paul and you didn't spend 2x as much on a guitar for the name.

lawgone3568d ago

They are nice but way overpriced. A Strat is much more versatile both musically and mechanically.