Snoop Lion Helps Electronic Arts Score Record FIFA Soccer 13 Launch

Rapper Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) loves soccer as much as he loves weed. Electronic Arts hired Snoop to promote its new EA Sports FIFA 13 Soccer game. He’s in the TV commercials. He attended the New York City launch party. And he did the rounds with all the major media outlets like ESPN. All that hype helped break a lot of records.

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GoldenAge2027d ago

Every time I see Snoop Lion I remember this image

no_more_heroes2027d ago

I wonder how long this Snoop Lion thing is gonna last...

MySwordIsHeavenly2027d ago

Snoop Lion?

Fine then. Call me Bill Schtinkwater.

2026d ago
maniac762027d ago

He changed his name for that commercial Lola,I want to smoke and play games like snoop,

LeoNexsix2026d ago

How can a DOG turn into a CAT....... WTF....

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