Tokyo Jungle PlayStation 3 Review - Push Square

Push Square: "We’re going through a period right now where people are crying out for new and different games, and Tokyo Jungle is the answer to those prayers. It should come as little surprise to learn that the game almost didn’t get the green light, but we’re eternally grateful that it did. We’re also pleased that Sony has released it digitally in the west at a reduced price point; while it might indicate a lack of faith in Tokyo Jungle’s commercial potential (which is a fair point - this is the kind of quirky game that would sink at physical retail), it means that it should reach as wide an audience as possible - and it certainly deserves to. It’s definitely not lacking in bite."

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Rhythmattic1808d ago

I keep reading nothing but praise for this game...

I'm so have to check it out..

grailly1808d ago

it's fun and original, but I don't think it's 9/10 worthy.

Rhythmattic1808d ago

As you said, Its seems to be fun and original... Thats what Im reading...

Guess Im responding to those comments more than the score's given..

dafegamer1808d ago

funny that the metacritic score of tokyo jugle is higher than
resident evil 6 ones