David Beckham clones invade Resident Evil 6

It seems ex England football ace and LA Galaxy player David Beckham is not content with just showing off his underwear on massive billboards, but instead appears to be in the latest big release – Resident Evil 6.

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Irishguy951968d ago

"Lazy" doesn't even begin to describe this/

I mean, you could at least separate them from each other Capcom


SilentNegotiator1968d ago

At least make a few variants with different hair color, or something. Man, Resident Evil has gotten so pathetic.

lociefer1967d ago

yo dawg i heard you like david beckham

Nimblest-Assassin1967d ago

I thought this was going to be an easter egg or something... but man, at least if your going to use the same character model space them out, don't put them right next to each other.

Even open world games with loads of NPC's do this better.

Im believing less and less in the fact this was a AAA game

Unlimax1968d ago

I'm not comfortable with that at all .. This isn't Call of duty Capcom !!??

Knight_Crawler1968d ago

Why can't it be that those guys are identical brothers and they were all going to a wedding?

But I agree this copy and paste Technic is a cheap way to get a project done faster.

I really hope this game sells less than a million because if the sales are good then Capcom will add bigger tanks, faster motorbikes and add more ridiculous stunts that the Expandables :(

Skate-AK1967d ago

It would never sell only 1 mil. It will sell at least 6x that.

RaidensRising1968d ago

I cant work out if this is another RE6 bashing article. David Beckham pffft.

Unlimax1968d ago

Watch the video .. if you calling yourself a RE "Fan" !

007Bond1968d ago

It deserves all the crap its getting, very rushed crappy games all do. If you don't like them bashing it then just ignore these articles simple enough.

MariaHelFutura1968d ago

You've obviously walked into a cloning facility.

GammaSix1968d ago

thats beyond lazy, thats just fail

even n64 games had random generated faces come on capcom

MrAnderson1968d ago

I haven't seen this much copy pasting since the ps1 era, also why do the graphics look so poor? RE 5 had some of the best graphics i'd ever seen on a console at the time, these ones look poor as hell, coupled with 12 of the same guy on a plane.

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The story is too old to be commented.