Half-Life 2 With Amazing Graphics: Cinematic Mod 12 Lite Edition Is Ready To Download - First Shots

FakeFactory released his new Cinematic Mod Version 12 Lite Edition without new HD chars. Check out more details about the LE version and some amazing comparison shots after the break!

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OneAboveAll2024d ago

I hate the fact this mod makes the characters look completely different from the originals. Alex doesn't even look like Alex...

Baka-akaB2022d ago

Yeah everytime those pics are posted , it's like Alyx was recast with a new actress , and not even a better looking one , improved texturing aside

Pozzle2022d ago

They didn't even keep her original eye color. :( And maybe I'm looking too far into things, but is it just me or do a lot of mods seem to make Alyx look...whiter? Unfortunate implications all around.

Mac is OK2022d ago

She kind of looks like Angelina Jolie in this version.

Flavor2022d ago

That new Alex.. i don't care what y'all say, I wanna f*ck her mouth.

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Bathyj2022d ago

The more they improve the graphics, the uglier Alyx looks.

r212022d ago

Alyx looks like a junkie O_o Why change something that doesnt need fixing? And by that i mean the character models.

MeatAbstract2022d ago

Look at the size of new Alyx's mouth!

Laxman2022d ago

Guys, you can choose the original Valve model with just upgraded textures if you want, you dont have to use the new Alyx if you dont want to.

Baka-akaB2022d ago

Some of us know . Just giving feedback on the new looks , wich are getting worse and worse imo each version .

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