‘You are dead’: the death of Survival Horror

VG247's opinion blog on the state of survival horror. The blog asks if the genre really is in trouble, or if our expectations have merely shifted.

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LX-General-Kaos2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Survival Horror will live on a tad bit longer with the next iteration of the Dead Island Franchise, and Nintendo Wii U entertainment system exclusive ZombiU. On console anyway. With next generation console offerings, new ways to frighten the consumer awaits. Resident Evil 6 R.I.P is not the end of the road. Many great experiences await, and this is just the beginning.

Survival Horror lives on with ZombiU.

Delivering clear 1080p jaggyless next generation visuals, and unique new control functions. Pushing mood and atmospheric environments to never before seen heights.

I have seen a few pretty good looking horror titles on PC as well that I have yet to completely look into. Survival Horror remains. Just far away from many of the original franchises that started the genre. Hopefully with the innovations and graphical prowess of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system and future next generation platforms. This crumbling genre receives another shot in the dark at returning to its roots. Starting with ZombiU. I personally thank Nintendo and Ubisoft for blessing us long time fans of the fright with another chance.

Rated E For Everyone

zerocrossing2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I like Nintendo too man, but c'mon do you work for them or something? Everyone of your posts sounds like your a Nintendo PR trying to sell me something.

Just pull it back a little and try and be more objective, instead of copy pasting comments that are invented by corporate PR's and made up in order to sell things to you.

Yeah ZombieU is looking interesting, mite even breath new life into the survival horror scene (ironically) but Ive seen plenty of games that looked interesting but bombed anyway, because the devs and marketing build them up to sell them hard at you so much so they usually just can't possibly deliver.

SilentNegotiator2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

ZombiU is just another zombie shooter. The fact that zombies jump out of cabinets and get up when you think they're dead does not make it a strong survival horror game.

Look at REAL survival horror games from back in the day (RE2, Silent Hill, etc). Unlike ZombiU, you weren't just shooting zombies. Your tactics couldn't always be "shoot zombie with gun". Those games threw things at you that inflicted actual terror, not a sudden pop-out jump.

And ZombiU probably isn't native 1080p. Only about 2 titles have been confirmed native 1080p and those are a sidescroller and a Wii port. A lot more 720p native games (Including first-party, so don't pull that "developers aren't using to potential!" crap) have been confirmed. WiiUDaily is the only one to claim that ZombiU is native 1080p, and they gave no source, no quote, and the pictures used in that article weren't even HD.

Anyone that thinks ZombiU is survival horror started gaming this gen, clearly. But then I know you're just doing your daily WiiU spam.

FarCryLover1822022d ago

Dead Island is not survival horror....

ape0072022d ago

im so waiting for zombieU, look like a real survival horror

SilentNegotiator2022d ago

But not like "real survival horror"

It is a zombie shooter. The closest thing to making it survival horror is zombies jumping out. And cheap pop-out thrills do not make for true survival horror.

I suggest trying RE2 or Silent Hill 2, ape007. Probably before your time if you think ZombiU is impressive in its survival horror elements. Those games were actual survival horror. Those games didn't hinge on shooting zombies, zombies popping out, and touchscreen puzzles. You were constantly put in compromising positions with very limited resources that induced real terror. Enemies varied more than zombie person, zombie person, zombie person, zombie person.

Irishguy952022d ago

But it's not scary?

@ RE6 =/= horror argument.

Really though I can't wait for this game/.

dark-hollow2022d ago

RE 6 is scary.

that tank part will give me nightmares for weeks to come.

Hellsvacancy2022d ago

Id say Dayz has kept survival horror alive, I really hope it comes to consoles in the future

007Bond2022d ago

What about that next gen horror game that the ORIGINAL resident evil creator is working on? I forget what its called, but that will be amazing

BuLLDoG9092022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Only thing dead in survival horror is residentevil,

hopefully dead space 3 wont be anywhere near as much forced action as resi6 has, atleast it wont have forced co-op, rather 2 separate ways of playing the game..

dead space 2 for best survival horror this gen(so far)

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