These Songs Are Not In Rock Band (But Really Should Be)

Kotaku's Luke Plunkett writes:

"I'm sick of Rock Band updates that don't appeal to me (recent news of Faith No More notwithstanding). Sick of boring, repetitive songs from big-name bands. Sick of the number of songs offered that, you to do as advertised: namely rock. So I figured I'd go one better than the usual 'oh I wish it had more Iron Maiden' I see in every Rock Band post comments section and put this together. Here, then, is my totally biased, totally objective, totally exhaustive list of tracks that could and should be featured in future Rock Band DLC updates."

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Hagaf223692d ago

funny...but most of those songs dont appeal to me, i personally look for more modern and alternative stuff.

TheDuke773692d ago

Fantastic list, if these songs were in RockBand I would actually buy it, especially Clutch, probably the most uder rated band going.
A little SuperSuckers would be nice to see too.

l Drop Dead Ed l3692d ago

They need some John Frusciante tunes oh yah! I enjoy playing the modern and alternative stuff as well, but I would love to see some killer Indie music.