Nidzumi : Grand Theft Auto 4 Preview - What We Know

In what will be the 9th game in the long running series, GTA4 is the most anticipated yet. Its odd how a long running franchise can still be so fresh and original despite being set in the same place. Liberty City (home to 3 other GTA games) is your playground for this outing but what are Rockstar adding to the studios to keep it interesting?

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these idiots said it would take an hour to get from one side to another...san andreas didnt even take that long it only takes 45 mins to get fom where i live to get to jfk airport so itll take longer in the game??? yea right..morons

MAzingPol2k3726d ago

In San Andreas a lot of the land was countryside where you could drive at 110mph but in Liberty City the streets are packet with cars and there is no countryside.

moparful993726d ago

Crap I didnt even think about the setting being an entire city. I loved the fact that you could get on a crotch rocket and just lay open the throttle and fly. I hope they incorporate an interstate system that links all three islands and runs the entire perimeter. Theres a reason the game is called grand theft auto, its all about jacking cars, bikes, planes, boats, and then going for a joyride. I hope the clustered city setting doesnt ruin this aspect of the game.. Heres looking to APRIL 28, 2008. I pre-ordered the special edition.

SUP3R3726d ago

Doesn't get more realistic that NYC traffic.
All of this just makes me even more hyper for this damn game.
It really is starting to get unbearable, I should just stop reading news about it until it's released.

Bull5hifT3724d ago

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