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NiGHTS Into Dreams… HD Review | Blistered Thumbs

BT writes: NiGHTS Into Dreams… is the story of Nightopia, a magical realm where the dreams of mankind gather. In this dimension, Wizeman the Wicked summons an army of “Nightmaren” to steal the energy that is generated by the “Ideya” of human dreams. Luckily, a harlequin-shaped Nightmaren named (what else?) Nights rebels against Wizeman and decides to put right what once went wrong with the help of two children. Together they gather up enough energy and points to challenge the most powerful Nightmarens and finally Wizeman himself. At least, that’s what the instruction booklet for the Sega Saturn version says. (NiGHTS Into Dreams, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 7/10

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