The Best of Gaming Swag on eBay

We all know about the ridiculous prices that consoles can get on eBay shortly after release and we all know about the World of Warcraft gold farming problem on eBay but sometimes, for whatever reason, someone wants to sell a real gem...

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HardcoreGamer3597d ago

i dont know why but i really wanna be there with all those games in that room,

hmmm, i dont need to , but for somereason it would be nice to be there n check out all those games wouldnt ya think

ThatArtGuy3597d ago

Here's the question though, do you think they have beaten and unlocked everything in all those games?

HardcoreGamer3597d ago

i dont think any hardcore gamer has ever beaten all those gamers there, but man thats a tishload of games, i can and have maxed a juggle of around 50 games but thats off the hook

Tempist3597d ago

Some people just need to do better things with their money.

permutated3596d ago

What's up with the DS with the tits on it?

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