Zero Escape: Demo Thoughts

The spiritual successor to the Nintendo DS game 999 is coming to 3DS and Vita October 24th. Zero Escape caters to the very small genre of Virtual Novel, which by the title implies there is a lot of reading involved. If you never played a V.N. game before, the best description would be to go into your memory to the days when RPGs didn't have voices and you had to read every single piece of conversation. Luckily Zero Escape does have voices for all the characters, except for yours, so everything that you say to others and everything you think you do has to read.

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zgoldenlionz1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I had a great time playing this demo and will definitely will consider picking this up after the holidays when all my Christmas shopping is done.

-Gespenst-1812d ago

Can't. Wait. For this game.

999 is easily one of the best DS games.

1812d ago