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Submitted by LeXxXiNgToN 1225d ago | article

How To: Install Sony's New PlayStation Mobile For Android On Any Rooted Device

AndroidPolice: "Sony's PlayStation Mobile for Android just went live for certified devices last night. But what if you don't have a certified device, which so far includes only a number of Sony phones and tablets as well as the HTC One series? Heck, I have a One series device - the EVO LTE - but turns out it's not certified. That's just silly." (Android, PlayStation Mobile, PS Vita, Sony)

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jujubee88  +   1226d ago
Word of warning:

This is not the way Sony intended people to enjoy PSM. Sony made up Playstation Certification for a reason and it was: a) To make sure the hardware that was Certified can run the games b) to make sure the hardware was quality enough to enjoy the games on.

... This is more of a "hack" by Android devs used to reworking the Android OS that have now enabled an app (i.e. PSM's store front and games launcher) to work on any piece of hardware capable of running Android OS.

You've been warned.
Protagonist  +   1225d ago
If only that was the case!
People all over the world has playstation certified devices, only problem is! Sony has trouble (as usual) making it work for all the countries.

Without a date (for regions other than mentioned) there is no reason to think it will be available either, a good example of this was the PSP Comic Store which was advertised on the PSN for respective european countries, but it never became available and now it is closing down.
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plmkoh  +   1225d ago
"Sony has trouble (as usual) making it work for all the countries."

Trying to make it work, or giving specific region release dates?

"it never became available and now it is closing down. "

Good, instead you get Sony Reader, universal across multiple devices both Sony or not, Playstation or not.
jujubee88  +   1225d ago
The countries being blocked out from the fun going on does kinda suck! :(

"a good example of this was the PSP Comic Store which was advertised on the PSN for respective european countries, but it never became available and now it is closing down. "

It NEVER came out in Europe? Well, there is probably a good reason since that service was driven by comics distributors in the US (like Marvel and DC) and back in the day (I think Comics on PSP launched in 2008-ish), comics weren't huge across the seas... Than cinema kinda popularized put that geeky stuff on the map.

The fact it's being taken down now is just an obvious move from both SCE and the engineers that need to keep those internet pipelines to PSN and servers constantly on and working. SCE are not going to do all of that for Comics on PSP, nor should they.
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Protagonist  +   1224d ago
Good reason or not - SCE, engineers , point is Sony Playstation advertised for it for the EU countries but in the end it never became available.
I got a PSVITA and playstation certified device but no PSM, I would say it is pretty fair if people choose to root their devices. Me personally I´m not going to do it because it may void my guarantee.
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abzdine  +   1225d ago
i have the (8008103E) error on Xperia P !!!!
Protagonist  +   1225d ago
It is probably because your region is not supported.
abzdine  +   1225d ago
this is typical sony, we've seen this with many things like video store, psn cards and now PSM. i dont get why they release something that is not yet optimized, or they just dont give any further clarification about anything.
I live in Denmark and they said all Europe will have access to PSN, but apparently not.
Sephiroushin  +   1225d ago
Got same error on an Asus transformer infinity tf700t -.-
guitar_nerd_23  +   1225d ago
Nice, now they just need some interesting games for it.

If they'd prepared a psp/ps1 emulator all of sudden they'd be the only worthwhile place to get games on a tablet.

Missed opportunity so far.

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