Hardcore and Casual Gamers Don't Exist

People will always separate things and see them as parts rather then a whole. Many will look at the faults and differences of things and use them as a means to divide that which is one. This is evident in history through things such as racism and other forms of personal prejudice. And the world of video games, in both industry and community, is also plagued by such illogical and unjust thinking. The terms, or rather titles and brandings, of both Hardcore Gamer and Casual gamer are the two culprits of this. There is a misguided way of thought that is almost conditioned into everyone means or ways of becoming either one. It is only when such overblown and useless titles are rejected can one see the real truth. That neither the idea of hardcore or casual gamers really exists at all.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2110d ago

Yes they do. You can pretend that they don't, but they do. There is a huge difference between someone that plays games on a regular basis and on that hardly plays at all. There is a big difference in someone that plays nothing but temple run and angry birds all day and one that plays games like Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim. To call these type of gamers the same or say they aren't different at all is ridiculous in my opinion.

baodeus2110d ago


i don't think u understand the concept at all. People can be hard core in one but not another depend on their taste and interest. Perhaps you can differentiate/group people by their interest, but you can't label them as hardcore/casual based on what you like (hardcore) and what you don't like (casual).

Example taken directly from you "There is a big difference in someone that plays nothing but temple run and angry birds ALL DAY and one that plays games like Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim"

So people that play angry birds can be hardcore as well in that matter (they show dedication by playing all day) but they don't care about RDR or skyrim, while it is opposite for people that do like RDR or skyrim. They may have different taste in game, but the ultimate end is that they are both just playing game; that is what the article is talking about.

You can't truly define hardcore and casual in black and white like many do on n4g. You guys can also be consider CASUAL when it comes to game like angry bird, motion gaming, dance game, etc.. because you don't care and you don't show dedication towards it. Even within your own group that are so call hardcore (according to n4g) shown differences in interests to particular types of games (some like RPG and hate shooter or sport, while the other like the opposite) as example.

True gamer can enjoy all types of games (regardless of what genra etc..), although i still have doubt if that really does exist.

vickers5002110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )


So what do you suggest we call people who play Red Dead and people who play Angry Birds? Do you suggest we call them all 'gamers', as if we're all the same? Because we aren't. Or, what word do you suggest putting in front of the word gamer to clarify what type of gamer the person is? If we're just going to call everyone who plays any type of game a gamer, then that's just going to cause a lot of confusion. You meet someone and they claim to be a gamer, you think "oh cool, we have some common interests", because the social definition of "gamer" (which pretty much everyone understands, even non-gamers) is someone who plays a lot of games on their console or pc, someone who loves playing games as a hobby in their free time, and not just as a distraction at work or school or wherever, but then you find out that they share none of your interests in games and end up disappointed, bummed out and annoyed that time has been wasted. That's why we create the labels of hardcore and casual, to make things more easily understandable for everyone.

We have this social definition that most people understand, but those who are obsessed with semantics and the tiniest little details (or those obsessed with trying to rebel against societal standards) are a very small minority of people who need to stop getting their panties in a twist over something so trivial.

Hardcore and Casual are just quicker than saying "someone who spends a lot of time playing complex games" and "someone who only spends time playing simplistic time waster games". Stop trying to make it so complicated, just accept the social definition, it's much easier.

If you have problems with the supposed connotations of the terms hardcore and casual and think that being called one or the other is an insult, then that's your problem, but don't let your feelings about that come into your argument (if you are doing that, I wont assume you are).

In fact, you seem to be a bit guilty of what you're arguing against yourself with that last line. By your logic, I could bring up a bunch of bs, questioning you about what makes a "true gamer", saying that anyone could be a true gamer, but me arguing that would be pointless and unnecessary, just like the arguments that have a problem with the labels "hardcore" and "casual".

Outside_ofthe_Box2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

***"We have this social definition that most people understand, but those who are obsessed with semantics and the tiniest little details (or those obsessed with trying to rebel against societal standards) are a very small minority of people who need to stop getting their panties in a twist over something so trivial."***

Wow I was going make a long detailed replay but Vickers already hit the nail on the head... I love it!

It's not rocket science really. Publishers and Developers know that hardcore and causal gamers do exist. As long as you like and/or have interest in games beyond the (in vickers' terms) "simplistic time waster games" you're hardcore, so as long you play games on a regular basis.

Not that hard. It doesn't mean that you can't play those simplistic time wasters though. I play Angry Birds and Temple Run from time to time nothing wrong with that. Just because a game is casual doesn't mean you can't play it or enjoy it. I know some people take offense to the word "casual" but that shouldn't be the case at all.

smashcrashbash2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

That is why we get games like RE6 and NG3 because you don't listen to the hardcore that you claim doesn't exist. Many times the casual game are the ones that don't care how the game is made or what horrible things are done to it because they don't have a clue but hardcore gamers are the ones who remember the essence of the games that the developers are so quick to change. But many times they cater to the casual or the people who don't get it,ignore the hardcore and turn the franchise into junk while they pretend that it is fine like this. We hardcore are trying to keep gaming awesome and the casual and indifferent are turn the other way and don't really care if the company turns it into mind numbing, stagnant crap.

MeatAbstract2110d ago

Actually I think hardcore gamers would more than likely play RE6. That's because I see hardcore gamers that play anything that falls into their lap. They'll try nearly all types and overlook controls and graphics and if and when they finish, decide if it was worth it, memorable or whatever and move on. I know people that play all sorts of stuff I wouldn't go near.

In that respect, I wouldn't consider myself hardcore. I do put a lot of time into games but I am choosy, especially if you consider the choice thats out there.

smashcrashbash2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

I am not denying that there are some hardcore like that who play anything and couldn't careless about the differences but the main problem lies in making the game assessable which in may cases seems to mean dumbing down or taking much of the challenge away from he game or making it into a clone of everything else. I am all for expanding your audience but not at the expense of turning the whole game inside out and losing the core essence of the game.

Not every casual is like that because some stills see the challenge in games but many of them are being payed attention too while they ignore the cries of people who dislike the direction the game is going who many times are the hardcore that everyone is so eager to ignore. We practically lost the whole survival motif of RE and now it is more like the mindless movies instead of the game we love.I agree long ago there was no casual or hardcore. Everyone played a game and there was no line. Mega Man was hard as hell and EVERYONE played it.But you have to admit that a line has been drawn between casual and hardcore.It shouldn't be there and developers should be listening to all sides.I wouldn't mind if they would stay on their side but it is starting to leak into other games e.g. motion controls and less challenging games. Hard mode isn't even that hard anymore.

majiebeast2110d ago

There is a difference no doubt about it denying that is just foolish.

Bigpappy2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

There is some overlap. But there are definitive differences. This kind of talk mostly comes from publishing companies. This is how money ends up hurting the industry. The people that have the money are the business execs. They do not have a clue about how to sell to gamers.

Venox20082110d ago

actually I think there are gamers and casual gamers

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