VC Reviews interviews Jason Hughes, president of Steel Penny Games

VC Reviews writes:
"VC Reviews recently caught up with Jason Hughes, president of Steel Penny games who are one of the earlier third party development studios out there to put their money where their mouth is and develop something new for Nintendo's new WiiWare service.

With their pedigee as former Naughty Dog veterans we are hopeful that their first WiiWare venture Bruiser and Scratch will set the benchmark for games to follow. Whilst we don't know many details at present we are confident that this is no simple Flash game port to cynically jump on the WiiWare bandwagon and make a quick buck!"

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cloud360-7th_account3757d ago

5. Haeresis is the US name for Versus which is an extremely silly name and would probably make the ignorant masses think it's a one-on-one fighting game....or even worse, some kind of mad crossover between Final Fantasy and a mediocre cel-shaded FPS. (i.e. "Final Fantasy" vs. "XIII")

Seriously though, Haeresis and Versus both mean similar things in Latin in addition to sounding similar.

Haeresis/Heresy: "dissent or deviation from a dominant theory, opinion, or practice"

Versus: "in contrast to or as the alternative of"

Ever since it was announced, "Versus" never sat well with me and whether Haeresis is an alternate title for it or a completely different game I'll wager that a game called Final Fantasy Versus XIII will never come out in the US.

wiizy3756d ago

glad to hear how happy these developers are to work on wiiware.. it can only spell more success for the wii.