Daily Reaction: PlayStation Mobile’s First Steps

With PlayStation Mobile having come out earlier this week on the Vita and select mobiles, the Daily Reaction team of Sebastian Moss and Dan …. share their early impressions of the new platform. - PSLS

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ftwrthtx1872d ago

I'd really love to see the Google Play library on the Vita.

jujubee881872d ago

I don't know what Google Play is, but if it is good than bring it on!

ftwrthtx1872d ago

That is what they call the Android Market now.

PirateThom1871d ago

I had a look at the games and, while I understand this is cross platform with phones and Vita, I can't help but feel when there's a game priced at nearly £5 on the service, it's already failed. It's basically the new minis.

GribbleGrunger1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

There are also games for 40p but eh, I'm willing to overlook them in favour of your £5 argument

PirateThom1871d ago

You can't overlook an expensive game day 1 though, it sets precident.

CommonSenseGamer1871d ago

Ok, so if you're a casual gamer why would you consider buying a Vita if they're making these games available on certified phones and tablets? I thought it would make more sense making more games that are exclusive to the Vita.

plmkoh1871d ago

Because if you bought this stuff on your phone and Tablet, you instantly have a library of software if you choose to buy a Vita.

CommonSenseGamer1871d ago

But I would not buy a Vita to play these types of games, I would just stick with my phone or tablet.

abzdine1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

i have an Xperia P and the PSN doesn't launch, it gives me an error message. (8008103E)

SaffronCurse1871d ago

This could reel in some really amazing games, especially for the vita.