Sexually Assaulting Women At Gaming Conventions Is NOT Ok

Last month we heard an account of sexual assault at a party hosted by Mojang's, Markus 'Notch' Persson. Yesterday, a video surfaced that depicts YouTube user KSIOlajidebt attending the Eurogamer Expo while making fun of cosplayers, asking inappropriate questions to passers by, and sexually assaulting booth babes.


Video embed removed by mod. If you want to see a guy rub his face in a woman's breasts and similar lewd content, go ahead and click through. We don't think it's appropriate for N4G nor do we think it's an appropriate way to treat women.

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zeal0us2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Sexual assault is an assault of a sexual nature on another person, or any sexual act committed without consent (Wikipedia).

Saw the video where is the sexual assault -_-?

Sure the guy was rude and ask inappropriate question but there was no sexual assault.

-Mika-2023d ago

So sticking a mic between a women breast is not sexual assault. You need to stop defending him because what he did as just gross and disturbing.

nrvalleytime2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

A microphone between breasts isn't traditionally the kind of "sticking" constituted as assault.

It's inappropriate and completely disrespectful of the women. Yes. But he should be removed from the grounds, not charged with assault. If he repeats it, it's a violation of privacy and public misbehavior; however, still not assault.

armycore2023d ago

She said she agreed to it beforehand, so yeah, no sexual assault:

Starbucks_Fan2023d ago

Is your goal in life to be an idiot?

MadMax2023d ago

Ever heard the word consensual?

guitarded772023d ago

To me it's more sexual harassment, not assault. Anyway, the guy is not funny at all... he just seems like a real A-hole. He needs to be physically assaulted to knock the douche out of him.

SilentNegotiator2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

So much focus on the breast-related parts.
What about when he air-eats-her-out? That was easily the creepiest and the most assaulting thing.

"Do you like eggs?"
"[serious response]"
"Do you like them fertilized?"

lol, he's kind of funny, even if he goes too far with some of it.

"Make no mistake, this is sexual assault, plain and simple"
Actually, I'd say it's more your mistake; this is sexual harassment, not assault.

HappyGaming2022d ago

Nothing wrong with the video... He is just trying to be ultra awkward he is not holding anybody down and forcing them to continue talking to him!

The reported is seriously over reacting...
"A few moments later he asks another booth babe if he can 'motorboat' her (the act of forcefully shoving one's face between a woman's breasts)"

I sure hope the reporter doesn't motorboat anyone because he is confused as to what it is... he asked her, she said yes, he shoved his face in them and they both enjoyed it where is the assault in that? I wouldn't even call it harassment! He was just being cocky confident and a bit of a clown!

If this guy is sexual harassing these women then this guy:

should go to prison for touching 1000 girls boobs -.-

Nothing wrong with either of them imo

007Bond2022d ago

LOL Every time you post you get so many disagrees HAHA.

gedapeleda2022d ago

But if a woman did something like this to man it's

pixelsword2022d ago

Talk about jealousy, gameranx; if the girls like it, it's not assault; if they didn't, he'd be arrested. Case closed.

crxss2022d ago

KSI started doin this recently PROBABLU cause he saw Kassem's videos.

rezzah2022d ago

The main problem is that we are trying to put a level of danger on the matter. Which isn't the main issue, it the fact that he views them as mindless bodies. Primarily fit for his own sexual entertainment.

Another issue I stated in another comment, is that the fact that some of these women where used for their body as an attraction didn't help them at all. Instead it only provokes the actions of a person like this.

The world of men has created the ideal of who and what the woman is. If she steps out of line then she is seen as abnormal or an outcast in some way or another.

ApolloTheBoss2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

@Starbucks_Fan No. Just a professional troll. XD

MikEyG2022d ago Show
Darrius Cole2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )


I'm not defending him; I'm defending her...from people like you.

If a man comes up to you and asks your permission to put his face in between your breasts, and you say "yes". Who am I to say that he can't do it? It doesn't matter whether I think it's appropriate or not. They are your breasts, not mine, its your right to let whomever you want stick his face in between them.

Whoever wrote the source article is messing up her game. I don't mean "video game"; I mean her pimp-game, her rap, her mack, or whatever slang term you use to describe the process of attracting and pulling in the opposite sex for courtship. He needs to get his own game and stop hating on hers.

She might have liked the guy, after all, she did let him stick his face in her breasts. She may have given him her number. She might have been hoping that he would call her. Maybe she did, maybe she didn't, but now he probably won't whether she wanted him to or not. When people start accusing you of sexual assualt, they are talking about serious jail-time; that's more than enough to scare him off.

Saying that this girl was assaulted when he "motorboated" her after she gave permission is to say that she doesn't have right to control who does and who does not touch her body.

You are saying that it is not enough for the both of them to want it, you have to want it. You are wrong on this one.

In reality you are trampling on her rights more than this guy in the video.

She basically says as much in her tweet


You don't know if he asked the other woman if he could stick his mic between her breasts or not. They only showed the clip of him doing it. They don't show them talking before-hand. However, we do know she didn't object once he did it.

fatstarr2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Like most of them were with it...
lol comedy from this guy that isn't afraid of nothing.

site wise, just another day of people on the internet caring about things that they would not have cared about , unless someone was making a big deal of it
>>>internet conformity .... just another day of it<<<

just a typical guy being a douche in a sense, I have seen worse in clubs
bad pickup lines but its alright. someones gonna beat him up tho
and apparently this is what this guy does in 10+ videos
so why is there a problem now?

sheeps gonna sheep -_-

Bimkoblerutso2022d ago

Guys a total douche (and about as funny as an Orphan with polio), but those are BOOTH BABES. As in, women who willfully accepted the job knowing that they were going to be sexualized.

I mean Jesus Christ, people. I'm not trying to say that women DESERVE to be sexually harassed, but I feel like if you walk like a duck and quack like a duck....then just accept that you are going to confuse a few people when you don't want to be treated like a duck.

Not that those women were getting offended anyway, as they have clearly tweeted.

JellyJelly2022d ago

@kriauciuniux - Yes because most sex crimes surround women assaulting men, right? I wasn't aware that I've been living in a world where men are usually opressed, have less power and money than women and are also physically weaker than women.

Are you really that stupid or are you just trying really hard right now?

Shadowstar2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

@Bimkoblerutso : Even strippers tend to have no-touch policies. People can consent to one thing and not to another. (Of course, if she said yes beforehand, as she apparently did, then I agree that it's totally okay.)

2022d ago
knowyourstuff2022d ago

lol ah the trashy British press, always the alarmists, and the under-sexed losers that are gamers and the gaming press conglomerating to turn a big pile of nothing into the biggest thing that's ever happened.
As has been discussed already, there was no assault. All physical contact was either consensual or not convincing to any judge that an actual assault occured. It was just lewd harrassment, and the guy does deserve to get kicked out, but really, the over-reaction just makes people look like over protective under sexed losers. They are adults, not children. They aren't going to be scarred for life because some nit wit gestured them inappropriately. And the idea of booth babes will never go away. As long as there are men looking for products, there will be hot girls standing around attracting men to products. Men are visual creatures, and at no point will that change where we ban hot girls at events. What are we women?

smash-brother-102022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I actually know that first girl (shel also appears at the end) and she said she didn't know and she thought it was going to be a serious interview? Her boyfriend was out of shot behind the camera, she definitely did not appreciate what happened

Bimkoblerutso2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )


Yeah, you're right. And I don't want to seem like I'm trying to justify what the dude did. He's an obnoxious prick.

But at the same time, I hate when people expect me to "respect" the women that are attempting to exploit the male libido for monetary gain in the first place. Do they deserve to be harassed? Absolutely not. But don't try to suggest that I should RESPECT these women, either.

gedapeleda2021d ago

@ JellyJelly 0/10 troll harder

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Christopher2023d ago

The guy didn't sexually assault anyone, he was just an extremely huge prick towards people and think it's funny to do this even though TV networks who do this have to get permission to show the people but any prick with a video camera can walk around and upload it to YouTube.

RyuX192022d ago

That man is no Kassem G.

Flavor2022d ago

Yeah.. its not criminal..just criminally stupid and repulsive.

Laxman2023d ago

Assault may be the wrong word. But harassment certainly isnt.

Hellsvacancy2022d ago

Id smack the prick in the chops, what an ass, hate people like him, ill gladly run him over in my car

mcstorm2022d ago

I agree I was thinking the same if he did anything like this to anyone when I was around ide run over and kick the **** out of him.

Its people like this that spoil it for everyone else.

iamnsuperman2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Agree this guy is rude and trying to hard to be funny (seriously what if funny asking a girl why she isn't fingering herself) but that doesn't mean he sexaully asaulted her. He asked she allowed.

360ICE2022d ago

People are wrong if they think sexual harrasment isn't covered by the term sexual assault (Check a dictionary before you disagree with that), but on the other side, there is no way this would be judicially defined as sexual assault, so it is still to crude a term to apply to this situation.

rezzah2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Regardless of terminology, the fact that it is being done is not good.

I was also thinking why are the women there in the first place? The purpose of showing their bodies as attraction sites doesn't help their situation of how men look at them. One might even say "they are just asking for it to happen". This isn't the case, as it more like men created this situation to happen for the befitting of themselves.

If we limit the actuality of things based on literacy meaning alone then we are just being passive to the truth that is shown here.


To simplify my meaning, a man kills another man in the city. He is deemed a murderer.

A man in the military kills another man in another country, he is deemed a hero.

Social attachments do not change the fact of what is, and that is that both men killed another man.

360ICE2022d ago

I've never argued that what is being done here is good. My comment was all about terminology, and I don't think my comment in any ways mitigates the situation. I just said that the situation is not violent and not "mean spirited" enough in a way, to be judged as sexual assault by a court of law. Of that reason I think the term is to crude.

To adress your (somewhat unrelated) points, I think your murderer/hero analogy is unsophisticated and does not reflect reality. Someone is called a hero, if they believe that the kill was somehow preventive. If you're at war, then that in itself is supposed to constitute preventive killings.
(ex. you kill someone, so they can't kill someone else)

There is a huge moral difference between killing Osama bin Laden and a new-born baby, for instance, as there is good reason to suspect that bin Lade would be more detrimental to human well being than the baby.

And regarding this situation, I think if women want jobs as booth babes, that is their choice. I personally wouldn't be to pleased if I had a daughter who went for the profession, but as long as nothing's forcing her, it would ultimately be all right.

rezzah2022d ago

Sorry about the unrelated topic, but I automatically start looking about the primary source of the issue. Not just the argument between two people or the visual issues above the surface.

I was trying to aim for the beginning of it all.

The effect of a booth babe is the sexual attraction to the body of the woman who stands by the product. That attraction is meant for men, who are sexually aroused through visuals. I understand why you wouldn't want your possible daughter to be in this situation. Because as men we know the purpose of women in these situations. It removes their minds and presents the body, it dehumanizes them. Regardless of choice this is the effect. And power of oppression is not through intent but for effect.

We normalize the situations of these women in areas they head off to in life, even they see these choices as normal. But what is normal or to normalize something is to give it power. That power holds us in place to avoid swaying out of the norm. To be normal is to not be abnormal or an outcast.

Who says what is and isn't normal? Why do we allow it? Why would women wish to present themselves as sexual dolls? Who wishes for women to be presented as sexual dolls? I'm giving these questions to point to the fact that it is men who holds the power of normalizing the world in their own ideals. We socially stand above women, whether we want to or not, as the ones who oppress them. we give them their options of what is normal.

So if a woman normalizes the choice of being a booth babe, it means she has agreed to the ideals that men have given her. So does this make the actuality of booth babes okay? No, as women are presented with the ideals of men who have normalized these life choices into modern society.

Men formed the ideal world for women, she accepts or becomes abnormal, and thus the affect of oppressing.

Dude4202022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Just thought I'd throw this out there, but have you also considered the fact that women know they have the ability to exploit men with their bodies?

Despite of what you may think of this or the common use of women today. There are some out there who enjoy the thrill of watching men drool for them. Heck, there are women who know they can score a high paid job with the advantage of looking sexy. If it's worth it, they'll go for this opportunity.

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Perjoss2022d ago

Either this guy got lucky and only spoke to 'nice' people or he edited out any situations where things didn't go quite so well for him. I'd like to see him get clever with someone like Jimmy Carr (I don't really like Carr's comedy but he does deal with hecklers pretty well)

pixelsword2022d ago


...the only problem with that is that it wasn't a comedy club.

rezzah2022d ago

It is sexual harassment but on a passive scale. This is why people are conflicted with views of "yes" and "no".

If he openly felt a girl up then we'd all say "yes" because it would be blatant.

His questions made some or most of the women feel uncomfortable (not the motorboat chick), they reflected his thoughts onto women by mimicking the idea of objectifying them in his mind. This is seen through his sexual questions towards them, also there being no other questions about anything else except their bodies.

This is a another case of oppression, even though we all are oppressed in some way, but those lesser in stance stance will feel the effects more.

Of course if all of these women did not feel uncomfortable and or enjoyed his questions then the work of the oppressors would have been completed. meaning that these woman would have submitted to the ideals of men, the paradigm.

Remember people, this is a gaming convention, not a pornographic one.

azazel6652022d ago

So he made people feel uncomfortable in a video titled "Being Awkward"? WHAT A REVELATION!

opinska2022d ago

the girl is being a complete moron to say the least...

Tsar4ever012022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Saw the vid, and the 1st so called sex assault wasn't true. She gave him permission. look at 0:09-0:19, If she didn't want him to she would have shoved him away, which obviously she didn't do, she jiggled his face in those boobs then ask "How was that", so how is that assault if she gleefully consented?

But the last girl, was debatable at 2:32 cuz she didn't exactly give him permission to place his mic on her breast but again she didn't react, get angry or say nothing except giggle afterwards. So how that assault?

Sexual assault claim is FALSE!!!!!

Was is lewd, rude and ill mannered toward booth-babes & geeks? yeah probably, but wasn't that the point of his TYPE of interviews?

jeeves862022d ago


Just because someone doesn't visibly react negatively to that doesn't mean that they consented for it to happen.

jeeves862022d ago

Look at all the legal scholars here! What are you people doing online?! Get back to your law offices!

There are a lot of things here that aren't being considered. Such as the fact that these girls had a camera shoved in their faces, which could act as a bit of coercion, which affects consent that everyone is so eager to point out.

The motorboating issue - he asked her, she agreed to do it. The fact that he asked in the first many other people did he ask before he got someone to agree to it? How many people said no or were repulsed by his behaviour? The footage is edited, obviously, to show the people who agreed to his lewd antics. There were a few people in the video that he didn't edit out that looked visibly uncomfortable. Just because you're laughing at something, it doesn't always mean that you find it funny. It could be a nervous laugh, such as it appeared to be with the woman he asked about fingering herself.

Incidentally, if you touch someone without their consent, it's considered assault. If you touch someone and it is considered to be sexual, such as touching their breasts, it's sexual assault. Was this sexual assault? Well we'd have to know if they really had agreed to it, or were coerced.

dan-goes-forth2022d ago

Well he did ask permission off camera, which is standard procedure. I am sure that if you attempt to pursue action against KSI for sexually assaulting women (even though permission was asked) and using his video on your site. This guy could get sued for libel. Also lets not all jump on the bandwagon for LETS GET HIM, as one quick article was written without the proper context or permission. Does someone sue Two and a Half men for mistreatment of women? No. Because permission was asked.

Tyrone_Biggums2022d ago

KassemG does this stuff all the time with and without consent. This is hardly news worthy.....sniff sniff

Beastforlifenoob2022d ago

"Sexually Assaulting Women At Gaming Conventions Is NOT Ok"
But if a man got raped... how gives a ****
Also, no Sexual assault

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Snookies122023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

"Sexually assaulting women at gaming conventions is NOT ok"?

What!? Since when!? ...Seriously, if people didn't already know this, (and for those that HAVE done it). You need to be slapped upside the face and learn some damn manners. I don't care if it's a guy doing it to a woman, or a woman doing it to a guy. Have some freaking decency and respect, if there's any of that left these days.

-Mika-2023d ago

Well guys can't really be sexually assaulted but I do agree that it wrong to disrespect a women like that. I hope that guy Is banned from any future events.

nrvalleytime2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Guys can't be sexually assaulted?

That's a very limited definition of assault, and might actually be more damaging than helpful. By labeling women as only being capable of being assaulted, it seemingly makes women appear less than men (as if they're weaker) and ignores acts of assault of men against men.

But I definitely agree he should be banned from future events. Acting like that promotes nothing but negative press for our industry, and it really shows how easily people can abuse privilege.

Relientk772023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I'm sorry but your statement is ridiclous. Men and women can both be sexually assaulted, and I have no clue why you say men can't be sexually assaulted. It simply is one-sided and sexist, from the women's perspective.

DarkBlood2023d ago

@mika, thats a pretty big assumption if you think all guys like being touched by women because i certainly would get irritated if that happened to me

so you need to get your facts straight because there are plenty of women capable of taking a guy against thier will period

C L O U D2023d ago

As a male...I'm a victim of sexual assault. I was in a club and a couple birds groped my bum as I was shifting around the dance floor.

I'm not complaining tho... :)

BlaqMagiq242023d ago

What a feeble mind you have. I LOLed at "guys can't really be sexually assaulted"

dafegamer2023d ago

seriously mika are you logicwins alt?

pain777pas2023d ago

Look every now and then I walk into a club and some random grabs my backside. I turn around and I find out who did it get the number no matter what as a just in case I don't find the ONE tonite. I mean... should I run to the police. If a girl when I was a kid grabs my penis and runs laughing should I not kiss her behind the portables at recess. Grow up people it goes both ways and for the record women love sex and being innappropriate with THE RIGHT PERSON more than men. Believe it.

MariaHelFutura2023d ago

Tell that to the men getting raped in prisons.

CrzyFooL2023d ago

He's been banned from Eurogamer expo

jessupj2022d ago

"Well guys can't really be sexually assaulted..."

Wow... just wow.

You must be one of those women that think women don't commit domestic violence and men aren't victims of domestic violence.

I have zero respect for women like you think all men are just perverts that only think with their dicks.

Go to and start educating yourself.

HappyGaming2022d ago

Yeah Mika you go around touching every guys ass at work and lets see how long it will take before you are being sued and fired!

Unless you work in a strip club or something.

DragonKnight2022d ago

Hey -Mika- have you ever heard of auto-erotic asphyxiation? It's where a guy is choked to the point of climaxing and is what killed David Carradine? Have you heard about what happened to men when they were hanged from the gallows? I'm not going to post it here but look it up. Suffice it to say that all a woman has to do is choke a man and she can rape him. So don't try to say that men can't be sexually assaulted.

Qrphe2022d ago

Just lose that damn bubble already!

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FredEffinChopin2023d ago

Reminds me of "Drug-free school zones"


Kran2023d ago

Am I the only one who thought the first part of your comment wasn't actually sarcasm? :/

RmanX10002023d ago

When is sexual assault ever ok?

caseh2023d ago

If you shout 'SURPRIIIIIISE!!' before you attack.

HammadTheBeast2023d ago

When a guy is "raped" by a woman.

Kran2023d ago

you know guys can get raped too. Most of the time its with those helpless like disabled usually because of their disability but there are other ways I assume.

ToddAkin2023d ago

When it's legitimate sexual assault