Doom's first level "E1M1" recreated in Minecraft

DSOGaming writes: "Doom and Minecraft fans, this is for you. Reddit’s user ‘eohylanmay’ has recreated the first level of Doom in Minecraft."

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claud31394d ago

Loved that level so much.. I can say its a nice effort

Snookies121394d ago

That is pretty awesome. It astounds me just how much people can do with Minecraft... So happy I bought that game back in Alpha.

wastedcells1393d ago

Same here, this is greatness for the simple fact that it brings back memories. Nice work.

john21393d ago

true.dat. It's amazing what mappers can achieve

JellyJelly1393d ago

I never got the beauty of Minecraft. You spend hours building blocks that you can't do anything with afterwards.

insomnium21393d ago

OMG I actually agree with jelly. That's a first.

Coach_McGuirk1393d ago

the beauty is in the journey

peowpeow1393d ago

Expressing creativity really.. besides that I don't know why I get so hooked sometimes

MadMen1393d ago

Its sad but funny, the mine craft versions looks like an HD version of the original.

Snookies121393d ago

Lol! Didn't think of it that way, but so true.

GammaSix1393d ago

Cool stuff, i love doom