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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1225d ago | opinion piece

Why Wii U Must Succeed

IGN - To remain at the center of gaming's future. Nintendo needs its new machine to be a big hit. (Wii U)

-Mika-  +   1225d ago
"Sony and Microsoft do innovate, they contribute new ideas. But they do so at a slower pace and without the sharp daring of Nintendo. They are the trundling tank corps in gaming’s victories over other forms of entertainment, but Nintendo is the screaming dive-bomber."

I stopped reading the article right there. It just shows you how big of a nintendo fanboy the author is.
Pushagree  +   1225d ago
Personally, i'm done with Nintendo's brand of innovation. All it has done is caused thier competition to water down their games to fit the more casual (ie inexperienced newbs) audience and adopt unnecessary gimmicks (Move, Kinect) that did nothing for the advancement of gaming. It is time for gaming to go back to the core and appease the people who have been with gaming for years if not decades. Don't sacrifice hardware strength to get sales and don't change anything that is not broken.
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False-Patriot  +   1225d ago
Absolutely agree.
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darthv72  +   1225d ago
we cant go back. Gaming has moved beyond the darkend corners of the entertainment world. while yes it was the 'core' that helped gaming along over the years. it is the casual that built it into the empire it is today.

You may not care for the style of things but that doesnt mean the changes that have taken place over the last 30 years would have taken place in a natural progression without the acceptance of more types of gamers.

I enjoy all types of games. there is a place for both casual and core to coexist and keep moving this industry forward.

innovation doesnt always mean the obvious as in hardware and software. It can mean ideas as well.
ChickeyCantor  +   1225d ago
" All it has done is caused thier competition to water down their games to fit the more casual (ie inexperienced newbs)"

What a load of BS.
Gamdevelopers are trying to "water down" games for years before Nintendo came up with their "innovations".
Designs like hinting, auto aim, health regen. You name it.

Blaming Nintendo because other people want their games to be mainstream hits got nothing to do with Nintendo. It's a business affair. Developers are trying to make games accessible for years. So that everyone can play them.

More people = more money.
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pixelsword  +   1225d ago
This writer and a lot of people obviously do no comprehend that most of the fans of the Wii loved the Wii because of the simplistic controls that are not on the Wii U; therefore, the Wii U may not have the same fan-base as the Wii, but time will tell.
zerocrossing  +   1225d ago
The author does make a good point though.

A question that needs to be addressed more is, would Sony have even developed the Move controller or would Microsoft have even developed the Kinect, had it not been for the global success of Nintendos Wii? in my opinion, most likely not.

When broken down, the move controller is pretty much a blatant rip off of Nintendo's Wii-mote and the Kinect a better and more multi purpose EyeToy, But they are still just that, they would not exist now if not for Nintendo proving there's a huge market for motion gaming. Even at the very beginning both Sony and MS where poking fun at the big N, only to be eating their own words and playing catch up.

Im not sure where a lot of the Nintendo hate is coming from, is it people just hating the more kid friendly and casual approach they've been labelled with, that seems to make gamers appear less "Hard core" than the Xbox and Playstation crowd? or is it gamers who still feel burned, and angry at Nintendo for abandoning them in favour of the more easily impressed and therefore more financial lucrative casual crowd? Probably a bit of both.

I love all the consoles and believe me I know they ALL have faults, being a fan is liking a console and admitting it has shortcomings, being a fanboy is liking a console and being blind to all of its faults or just plain not admitting they are there. Like the the little Imp-monkey sitting on my shoulder screaming in my ear...

jk, about the Imp-monkey, I'll never admit to it.
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ConstipatedGorilla  +   1225d ago
I need to stop reading your comments.
live2play  +   1225d ago
"I stopped reading the article right there. It just shows you how big of a nintendo fanboy the author is"

funny how you would have continued to read if he was a fanboy of your console
KonaBro  +   1225d ago
Gotta love the Nintendo brown nosing article. Wii U has to succeed because if it doesn't, Nintendo loses money and mindshare. End of story without the fanboy slant.
doogiebear  +   1225d ago
Bubbles 4 u
shintonwaveomeg   1225d ago | Spam
caseh  +   1225d ago
"It is time for gaming to go back to the core and appease the people who have been with gaming for years if not decades"

Gaming already caters to the core gamer, i've been playing games since Bubble Bobble had queues forming in the arcades and i'm more than happy with what is available to me as someone who doesn't play gimmicky games like rockband, just dance etc.

Gaming just has a far wider audience to cater to these days. You shouldn't hate on the casual market as the rest of us 'core' gamers have more than enough to keep us occupied. I've got like 80-90 PS3 games, there are simply not enough minutes/hours/days/weeks/month s in a year to get through em all. :)
shintonwaveomeg   1225d ago | Spam
ChunkyLover53  +   1225d ago
It will succeed, no doubts there. Just wish November 18th would hurry up and get here so I can go down and grab both my Wii U's!

Hit me up around that time and I'll give you my Ebay name because I'll be selling the other premium system, hoping to get $1200-$1500 for it.
ConstipatedGorilla  +   1225d ago
I thumbed you up before I read your second sentence and then realized I was premature in my response. You're not getting anywhere near $1200, Chunk. Maybe $550 and good slap across the mouth at the most.
ChunkyLover53  +   1225d ago
I got $1200 for an original Wii around Christmas 2006. I did the same thing, bought two, kept one and sold the other on Ebay. Made enough to buy everyone in my family something nice for the holidays though.
3-4-5  +   1225d ago
It can't fail.

* Mario U ( like Mario 64 & galaxy )

* Super Smash Brothers U

* Monster Hunter

* Mario Kart U

* Legend of Zelda U

* Wii U Sports Resort 2 ( those games sold like 80 million )

* Actual decent/good online capabilities

* About another 20-30 Awesome games that will be released over the next 5 years. Half being RPG's.

* Possibilities of Kirby, Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Xeno series game, ect.....
Norrison  +   1222d ago
wastedcells  +   1225d ago
Anything can happen in the game industry. You never know. Highly doubt they will flat out fail but they may not have the same success they found with the wii.
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user9841288  +   1223d ago
I disagree lets all fight about it.

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