Does The Public Know About Wii U?

Game Informer - We here in the enthusiast press often find ourselves in an information bubble. We have known about the Wii U since E3 2011, but we have always been curious about how much the larger consuming public knows about Nintendo's next console.

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claud31812d ago

The console is balanced as a system with pros and cons, simple put

chadboban1812d ago

I'm not exactly surprised by these reactions. Nintendo hasn't advertised this system AT ALL and we're less than 2 months away from launch. The fact that people still think it's an add on for the Wii proves that.

I think that if they'd gone with something like Wii 2 or distanced themselves from the Wii name entirely or not have a console that looks so damn similar to the Wii we wouldn't have this problem. You can't just add a U to the name of your new platform and expect the public to know that this is a brand new system. At least with a name like Wii 2 people will know for sure that it is a brand new console. The name "Wii U" is confusing for the folks who aren't like me and keep up with video game news.

They also need to make it clear to the public that the system is NOT the controller. I hope Nintendo sees this and makes sure to make it absolutely clear to the public that this is a brand new system and that the controller is merely part of an entirely new console.

raytraceme1812d ago

Issue is that the public is too up apple's *** that they don't care about anything else.

profgerbik1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Now this I agree on. Personally if you ask me if anything is hurting the gaming industry right now, it is these stupid ass smart phones.

As stupid as it sounds and as stupid as it may be they just are. Because that literally is all the majority cares about at all these days.

Even for Christmas consoles and handhelds will be hurting. Every dumb ass kid will be begging for an iphone 5 for christmas and their dumb ass parents will probably get them just that.

wastedcells1812d ago

I think a lot of people still think its some kind of wii accessory like the balance board but I'm sure Nintendo isnt worried. They will sell out the first shipment to fans and then everyone else will figure it out ... By then it will be hard to find and make the news as a to find Xmas gift or whatever.

iamnsuperman1811d ago

I agree and I am not surprised either (I know not very scientific but still) The really need to advertise it. I haven't seen an ad for it that isn't on the internet (even then they are not so wide spread/ informative). The name isn't going to help as it doesn't sound like a successor.

GribbleGrunger1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

I think it's advantageous is the public 'don't' know about the Wiiu. All Nintendo need to do is show people playing games on it with the Wii controller and the average Joe will jump at it. Ignorance in this case is bliss. That's what I would do if I were Nintendo anyway.

KonaBro1812d ago

was able to do this because it introduced something people had never really seen before with the Wiimote. With the Wii U pad, people are going to see this as just like their iPad or tablet and think it's an add-on to their regular Wii. Nintendo honestly has their work cut out despite the Nintendo faithfuls pre-ordering the Wii U.

GribbleGrunger1812d ago

I think you missed my point, but never mind. Confusion can work for you or against you. I would make it work for me.

profgerbik1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

No he actually didn't miss your point at all it appears everyone missed his though, although I did not.

He is right, even if they did advertise it like you had said you hope for, people (like he had said) will probably just think it is an add on anyway even if confused it would not help too much.

The point being he is saying how would that help them inform people of anything if those people just see it as this "Oh it's an add on to an already dead console." Lovely I will run out to buy that.

Everyone is on PS3 right now and that is just basically how it is for the most part. Wii has died out wasn't that popular to begin with everyone I knew would rather have been on Xbox360 at the time.

Only time Wii was ever seen was to play Smash Bros that is just in my case though or my circle of friends.

CLOUD19831812d ago

No1 cares other than Ninti fans other than those ppl most sales Wii did was from moms & aunts & we all know they didn't get it to play games & also we all know that they dont intent to buy another Wii what they want to do they can do it with the first one.

LiquidSword931812d ago

The wii u has been around since E3 2011? I watched most of it and i must of missed it. I only found out in the last month or so. I think that answers the q: "does the public know about the wii u?"

lodossrage1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

"We have known about the Wii U since E3 2011"

It doesn't say the Wii U has been AROUND since E3 2011. There's a big difference between KNOWN and AROUND

LiquidSword931812d ago

Get off my nuts, kid. I did read it. Fact is that if a new gen console like the wii u goes fairly unnoticed when its unveiled after 1 year (around or known), things aren't lookin the best from the promotion side of things. Comprende?

lodossrage1812d ago

Dude, what "nuts" can you have to get riled up on the internet so easily? lol

Oh sure, I "comprende" just fine. Like the difference between KNOWN and AROUND. lol how about you bro? :)

rainslacker1812d ago

The general public didn't really know about the Wii until soon before and right after it's release when Nintendo started advertising the hell out of it. No real point in them advertising the Wii U 2 months from release, as peoples attentions spans are rather short. If it's not available to buy now then what's the point in promoting it to the general public.

By the beginning of November you'll likely start seeing their marketing push in time for Black Friday. How well it does to inform the masses remains to be seen.

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