Interview: Another road to Silent Hill

Silent Hill: Book of Memories producer Tomm Hulett speaks with Aenne about some of the ideas that went into the divergent title.

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ritsuka6661991d ago

The only horror this game is providing is another nail in the survival horror coffin. Leave survival horror alone because you guys clearly don't know what this genre is even ABOUT.

Protagonist1991d ago

People who played the demo liked it, so give it a rest will ya!

Miguelitons1991d ago

True, I played the demo and liked it too.

Cam9771990d ago

A very bad road to Silent Hill, I hated the demo. Not my type of game at all, nor is it what Silent Hill theoretically should be.

Ult iMate1990d ago

They should make this game in Castlevania setting, because it suits more to hack'n'slash gameplay.