Analysis: What is the future of cloud gaming?

With Nvidia exec Phil Eisler talking up cloud-gaming this week, Tyler Zehner looks at the current state of the technology and ponders its future.

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360ICE2024d ago

Shouldn't you get a meteorologist to answer that?


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StrawHatPatriot2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

The future of cloud gaming will not be good. It could ruin gaming, really bad. I really, really don't think cloud gaming will be good enough for many people (including me), and it would ruin gaming even if the internet speed isn't a problem.

Full price for a game that you're streaming and can only play through the internet (Yes, it doesn't save on your PC. You can't play it offline). Because you're streaming it, you don't own it - what I mean by this is that for example, what if I like this PS3 game that came out in 2007, but the company shuts down servers for games over three years old? See what I mean? You don't own it. How will I know if they put all the classics I want to play from the past? Also, don't forget, there's a chance that I need a monthly fee JUST TO PLAY GAMES. Not to play online, just to play the games that I don't even own. Steam is free to play, even online. Like, say I want to play a simple offline rpg game like Tales of Graces F. There's a chance I have to play a monthly fee. And last, it's more comfortable for people to pay with cash, rather than to make micro-transactions with your credit card all the time. Of course, companies can use point systems, but the value isn't always equal to what we are paying for.

IF cloud gaming services have monthly fees attached, then many people will be furious, knowing that they have to pay FULL PRICE (most likely with a credit card) for a game that they're STREAMING and can only play THROUGH the INTERNET where all their SAVES ARE (what if gets hacked like PSN? There goes a chance of my online gaming, and saves) AND MIGHT BE TAKEN OFF IF NOT AS POPULAR, thus making it like as if you just rented it at full price.

Cloud gaming just doesn't have a good future to me.

Somebody2022d ago

What you said are mostly true. Unfortunately the big companies know stuff that we ordinary folks don't. I mean these people hire psychologists and statisticians to study us and predict what we might or might not want in the future. I was so involved in the fight against always online DRM and thought we had won when we see Ubisoft faltered with their commitment to maintain it. Instead, I see F2Ps (they're basically fully evolved online DRMs) popping out at a faster rate than some online boycott or forum could contain.

Saying that people might be furious about monthly services is correct but I see it will happen anyway. Slowly. Subtly. Again, let's look at F2P games as an example. Everyone said you don't have have to buy anything to enjoy it and yet some of these companies are raking in millions with very little effort. Now, let's look at mobile gaming, the origin of F2P (maybe). There are games that are made with so little budget compared to console games and yet yielded more profit. And people "gladly" pay for the little bit and pieces of the games (they are not ripped off like high prices of console games+DLCs, instead unconsciously leeched off by more and more content offered at such low prices).

What am I saying is that your fears of cloud gaming is valid (I personally don't like the concept except for storage space) but those companies are hard at work to make sure you fall for them. And they understand the consumer mind set of wanting more and more content until they don't mind having charged monthly. The bait is already set (announcements of F2P titles, Diablo 3, cloud gaming services purchases), there are tentative bites (not many gamers are against those F2P announcements and supports for D3 even though it is always online), and soon...they'll reel them in sloooowly.

StrawHatPatriot2022d ago

Well said, intelligent, that's I can say about your post.

Tyre2022d ago

@StrawHatPatriot U nailed on the Head! People disagreeing with are just plain ignorant or really dumb. Streaming only is the stupidest idea for gamers, we will lose all ownership and control. If the Company stops support we will lose our total collection. Paying for streaming only is just stupid and a horrible future. Digital with downloadable games, i can sort of accept, at least we can play offline.

StrawHatPatriot2022d ago

Yeah. I just don't like how we don't own the games. Like what if PSN gets hacked again? No more games, online or offline for a whole MONTH?

ninjahunter2022d ago

Cool on phones, completely worthless if youv at least invested in a college laptop.