Vivid Gamer: Borderlands 2 Review

Elizabeth Burnette of Vivid Gamer writes; "Back in 2009, a title came out that would do so much better than critics expected from one going against some big names. That game, Borderlands, was a smash hit, with its cel-shaded graphics and impressive first-person shooter gameplay. This year, we were presented with Gearbox’s sequel, Borderlands 2 ,which promised to outdo its predecessor in every way possible. With so many sequels making the same promise and not always fulfilling them, it’s understandable to question if this will be the case with Borderlands 2."

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rrquinta1933d ago

Haven't been gaming much lately but tempted to pick this up. I don't normally like FPS but the first one was a blast.

TheLiztress1933d ago

It's really enjoyable. I still have a few enemies that I totally hate to run across, though.

GamePodunk1933d ago

I never got into the Borderlands games personally, but they seem to be really fun from what I've been hearing. Good to see that it got a great score!

MiamiACR211933d ago

7.5 at the most. These high scores are unwarranted.

TheLiztress1933d ago

I'm curious as to why you feel this way. Granted, Borderlands 2 is not perfect but I think 7.5 is a tad low.

Jamesmanguyperson1933d ago

Ton of fun with a group of friends. Great review!

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