The Wii U could be a new home for indie games

The developers behind three Wii U launch games talk GamePad optimization and Nintendo's attitude toward indie games.

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PopRocks3592088d ago

I think in the end, indie games will always be at home on the computer. Look at sites like Newgrounds.

But it would be nice to have more indie games on consoles. Hopefully the Wii U will be a proper start for that.

claud32088d ago

And why not. Its a new system, with new land to experience and new game creators will get a new audience

claud32088d ago

How so, its a new audience and a new creative section they have not fully explored

Ben_Grimm2088d ago

I remember this was said for the Wii and how it would crush XBL and PSN's scene.

But in the end....

majiebeast2088d ago

If nintendo lightens up with the moderation. I mean binding of isaac was canned because it was offensive to a religious group and super meat boy also got canned that doesnt paint nintendo in a good light for indie devs.