How to get into the Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta Right Now

How to get into the beta the easy way and start playing now.

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spaceg0st1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

generic shooter with dated graphics... even for a beta. Such a waste of time. With COD and BF3, what's the point of releasing an average shooter? #facepalm

xPhearR3dx1929d ago

If you remember correctly the BF3 beta graphics were TERRIBLE. Once the game released and you installed the texture pack, they were MUCH better. Same thing applies here.

Parappa1929d ago

No, same thing DOESN'T apply here. Battlefield 3 was actually a beta (and it was by DICE). This is just a demo and what you see here is what you get. The only thing they might change is gun balance or something. It'll still be ugly & generic.

BattleAxe1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )


I'm not sure why you're getting disagrees. I played the demo lastnight and I was not impressed at all. The graphics are about as good as Homefront. I couldn't shoot people through bushes, and the hit detection in general was kind of spotty.

People need to understand that if a beta gets released the same month as when the game is being released, its really not a beta, its a demo. I was shocked that EA would release a game that looks like this, so far into this generation. CoD4 looks a hell of alot better than this game does.

SnotyTheRocket1929d ago

Dated graphics? Play the PC version. The game runs on Frostbite 2 anyway.

tallkidoPL1929d ago

"dated graphics" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
cod been using the same engine for 4 years what a drone hahahahaahahahahahaha

and this is alpha fyi

MrCrimson1929d ago

I haven't played it yet...but the game comes out in two weeks how the hell could this be an Alpha? The game is probably being mass produced as we speak...

Vames1929d ago

You're not making any sense Parappa. The guy gave a reason why the graphics are terrible and suggested the texture pack would fix it. You replied with a rant! The same applies because both games are running on the same engine, a texture pack would do the trick.

dragonyght1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

what he saying is true for 97% of the time a beta this close to launch is pretty much the indication of what you gonna get of the final build. in this case it was the same thing with the last MOH, its pretty much for promotion rather than testing

KONAAs1929d ago

didnt it went gold already?

finbars751929d ago

Trust me you dont want to get into the beta its really bad.What a shame this game I had high hopes for.

007Bond1929d ago

Another mindless FPS added to the mix....

Abdou231929d ago

Why only on Xbox Live ?!!

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