Xbox Live downloads for Sonic Adventure 2 HD and Nights HD are broken

Sega released its high-definition remakes of Nights Into Dreams and Sonic Adventure 2 for Xbox Live Arcade today, but fans cannot purchase either game directly from their system’s Xbox Live Marketplace.

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wynams1896d ago

at 1PM PDT, Major Nelson tweeted (@majornelson)

"NiGHTS into dreams..." and "Sonic Adventure 2" are scheduled to to hit Xbox LIVE Arcade later today "

Killman1896d ago

Microsoft already has Sonic Adventure 2 on the front page for Games. It really pisses me off when they do this. They put something on a front page as if it is ready to be bought but turns out that you have to wait a couple of hours,

Not only does Xbox Live get this later than PSN, but it gets it later with problems. Genius.

ChunkyLover531896d ago

Well problems happen from time to time, but Xbox Live tends to get games before PSN, they update earlier.

Busy yourself with the exclusive Medal Of Honor demo, or something else until they fix the issue.

NeotheGamer1896d ago

Getting what i pay for right there -_-

mrperrect19761896d ago

go to and buy them there, thats what i did and it worked perfect

kingPoS1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Does Sonic Adventure 2 have proper camera control options?

An honest question