Chaos Mechanica's Best Games You’ve Never Played: “Split/Second”

A look back at one of the best racing games most people missed the first time.

"In an age where Need for Speed had a new game coming out every ten minutes, and Burnout was still the king of the high-speed hill, Black Rock Studios strove to do something else, something different. Enter Split/Second, a wild and welcomed departure from the usual racing game formula."

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Relientk772053d ago

The demo was pretty good for this game

Pintheshadows2053d ago

The game was fantastic. Shame we'll never see a sequel.

iceman062053d ago

Agreed...I still will pop this game in from time to time and run some laps...just because it was a pretty nicely implemented idea.

mcstorm2053d ago

I agree this game was really good but it was not pushed and sales were not good but there have been a few games like that this gen