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Wii U Price Gouging Continues; Pre-orders Up to $750 on eBay

As we near closer to the launch of the Wii U, price gouging continues to run rampant on sites like eBay. (Nintendo, Wii U)

Credit url: kotaku.com
FinalomegaS  +   643d ago
ya... i knew this was going to happen...

girl at EB up here laughed when I asked if there were anymore pre-orders left.
Relientk77  +   643d ago
I hope no one spends that kind of money on the system, wait til its on shelves in stores, so you still have money for games, and other stuff
steve30x  +   643d ago
I remember when the PS3 arrived people were buying the concole for over €1000. Some people are so desperate to buy the latest console that they will pay stupid money for it.
Neonridr  +   639d ago
sounds like an Apple product. Every year, they line up. Take my money for a marginally improved phone over last year.
Muffins1223  +   643d ago
Sad...every launch they fail to supply
jacen100  +   643d ago
Watch 2 weeks before christmas, wiiU's will sell for £600+ on ebay, same will happen as wii, store owners will take them off the shelf and put them on ebay.
that should not be allowed
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corrus  +   643d ago
I am sure that blind Nintendo fanboys will give even $1000 they would give anything for Nintendo
ElectricKaibutsu  +   643d ago
Blind Nintendo fanboys already preordered. If they didn't, they don't deserve the honor of being called a blind Nintendo fanboy.
live2play  +   642d ago
you tell him whats what!
live2play  +   642d ago
in your face!
Neonridr  +   639d ago
Don't act like this is anything new. The same thing happened with the 360, PS3 and the Wii when they launched. Manufacturers never have enough supply, and when it's this close to Christmas, some parents get desperate to please their children and will pay whatever it takes to make sure little Timmy has his way.

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