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Top 5 Zombie Games

The VGutopia staff weighs in on what they think the five best zombie games are and why. (Call of Duty: Black Ops, Culture, DayZ, Dead Rising 2, Left 4 Dead, PC, PS3, The Walking Dead: Episode 1 "A New Day", Xbox 360)

zerocrossing  +   933d ago
A Top 5 Zombie Games list, without a resident Evil title?

List fail.
cpayne93  +   933d ago
RE4 is where its at, but it's just an opinion I suppose.
kB0  +   933d ago
I hate to break it to you, but there are other zombie games out there?

Does it really need to get stated over and over again that re is good series....I think it reached the point where it does't need to be said.

Please let other games keep a spot. :)

There a plenty of zombie games out there are have a HUGE potential...and to this date the closest we've ever had to a REAL zombie game is DayZ on PC.

It's the only 1 that actually is a fight for your life.

The rest of the games are just arcady when compared:P
zerocrossing  +   933d ago
I get where you're coming from and going be Rezis "Zombie" decline over recent years Id probably have to agree with you.

I would seriously be concerned though if many great Zombie titles (or any great title for that matter) went un appreciated from not having been released when gaming suddenly went main stream aka "when the cool kids go into gaming"

but yeah, like you say those other games do deserve a mention :)
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   933d ago
great list.
yesmynameissumo  +   933d ago
I really enjoyed Dead Nation. Not sure why it's so overlooked.
acemonkey  +   933d ago
Kinda disappointed not to see Dead Nation too and Resident evil(old school not this new stuff)....should have been top 10 list add killing floor and dead island
born2live  +   933d ago
You know, I'm a huge huge fan of the walking dead series, but I just can't call it a game... It's more of an interactive story...
konnerbllb  +   933d ago
Isn't that how you would define a game?
cr33ping_death  +   933d ago
by George i believe you're right konner :)
bumnut  +   933d ago
I think he means you spend more time watching it than controlling it.
born2live  +   932d ago
Correct. It kind of reminds me of those choose your own adventure books - you can call them games if you'd like, but they are still basically books, just like an interactive movie is still basically a movie.
Blastoise  +   933d ago
I dont think left for dead is that great tbh
bumnut  +   933d ago
It was good on PC due to lots of free content/mods, console version felt like it ran a 4 fps & looked like crap.
RXL  +   933d ago
The List is Complete..

however "eh" i feel about Call of duty Zombies...it's still fun...

Resident Evil 4 could've taken it's place and i wouldn't have batted an eyelash..
acemonkey  +   933d ago
why is their so many disagrees on this topic everything somebody saids people disagrees lol
caseh  +   933d ago
Dead Island isn't all that bad, game of the year edition cleans up a lot of the initial crap and its very cheap now.

Could the CoD zombies really be listed as games, its just a bonus game mode not a game in its own right.
theEx1Le  +   932d ago
Tell that to the people who buy it just for zombies. I know a few people who bought COD and only played the zombie modes.
LiquidSword93  +   933d ago
The top 5 zombie games OF ALL TIME? *in Kane west voice*
Hmm... 1. Resident evil 2
2. Resident evil 1
3. Dead space
4. Dead rising
5. Red dead redemption undead nightmare

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