Future Shop Gaming Deals: October 5th – 11th, 2012 – $100 Off Xbox 360, $50 Off PS3

The biggest deal this week is easily the $100 off of any Xbox 360 console. While an in-store purchase of an Xbox 360 will only grant a $100 gift card, a purchase from will automatically see the $100 taken off. Basically, if you just want a 4GB Xbox 360, you’ll only end up paying $99.99.

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Relientk771777d ago

Journey Collector’s Edition for $20, awesome

TrendyGamers1777d ago

It's definitely worth it.

BringingTheThunder1776d ago

guess they're trying to clear out their nhl 13 bundles?

ShinFuYux1775d ago

Why is this in the Vita section when there's nothing for the vita?