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Nihilistic Software: ‘Not our call’ to put Zombies in Vita version of Black Ops

Nihilistic Software tweeted that it isn't up to them to put a Zombie mode in the Vita version of Call of Duty, instead saying it is up to Sony/Activision. (Activision, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, Dev, PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

PirateThom  +   931d ago
But... they're developing it...
mrbojingles  +   931d ago
I know. This would lead you to believe they've actually been told NOT to put it in,...
Godchild1020  +   931d ago
When I hear Black Ops, I go straight to thinking about zombies. Nihilistic is making me sad, I will be mad if they announce DLC and zombies are part of it.
Vitalogy  +   931d ago
From what they say I also think that they were told to not include.

In other hand, makes me wonder who told them to do such awful graphics for the game. /s
Hicken  +   931d ago
I think it's because Zombies have only been parts of Treyarch games. Likely, Sony would have to convince Activision to allow zombies in a non-Treyarch game.
vortis  +   931d ago
Don't you mean Sony would have to convince to include without it being premium DLC?
profgerbik  +   931d ago
Doesn't matter because they do not own the game. They are more like publishers of it than actual developers, all they can do is wait for permission from other parties just in order to do anything.
Soldierone  +   931d ago
No zombies, then I won't be buying it. It's probably Activision wanting it to fail, or one of them wanting to bank off DLC for it. The game honestly looks like crap as is, I'll just wait till Killzone comes out for an FPS, unless Nihilistic somehow gets their hands on that too.
JetsFool3500  +   931d ago
If They Get There Hands On Killzone That Will Be The Death Of The Vita Smh
Vitalogy  +   931d ago
"or one of them wanting to bank off DLC for it." I think you nailed it here, after all is what we've been seeing in almost every game. I call 'em incomplete games that can (optional) get there completion with people buying what's left in the form of DLC.

Shame on devs -.-
profgerbik  +   931d ago
This zombie crap has gotten out of hand. I love zombies and always have loved horror but god damn seriously..

I am not going to rant much further than that but when people aren't buying a game simply because it has no zombies.. It really gets to me.
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Soldierone  +   931d ago
Because the rest of the game is complete crap. What 2v2 online, horrible visuals, and most likely a lame 2 hour spin off story like Resistance?

No zombies is just topping on the "I'm not buying this turd" cake.
Cam977  +   931d ago
Not good!
JetsFool3500  +   931d ago
No Zombies = No Sales
topekomsi  +   927d ago

Screw nihilistic, maybe 2013 we can get a real console port, form a REAL CoD dev.
Carni  +   931d ago
I think they learned from resistance... just wait for it...! you will see a huge update from the trailer you guys saw... but this is not a perfect game.
RubyToTheMax  +   931d ago
Another letdown...
DialgaMarine  +   931d ago
Alright f*ck this. There were Zombies in the f*cking DS version of Black Ops. THE DS VERSION!!! WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU IDIOTS!!!
profgerbik  +   931d ago
Nothing, they just don't give a huge crap about Zombies like the herd does these days.

I sure as hell could careless about my games having zombies in them. I have played enough Zombie games and enough games with Zombies in them thanks.

I mean yea I am honestly not too interested in this CoD period because I don't nor have liked CoD since it really strayed from PC. That is just me, to me it is basically a no skill FPS now the way it is.

So whatever. My opinion about Zombies and trust me I love them but I am so bored of seeing them in games. I remember when developers were actually creative.
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topekomsi  +   927d ago
Well you are def in the minority, Zombies is an integral part of the CoD experience and would have lent itself to mobile play much more than the SH*Tbomb 4v4 multiplayer.
r21  +   931d ago
Well, crap, IMO this is crappy news. I was seeing portable zombies mode as the silver lining of Nihilistic's Black Ops but now that its confirmed, you wont see me buying it day one UNLESS the game does extremely well which is kinda doubtful.

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