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Evan Tognotti: "I’d like to start this review with a disclaimer (which I’ve never done before). There are three main campaigns in Resident Evil 6, with a fourth that unlocks upon completion of the rest. I made it a chapter into this fourth campaign, but gave up due to a string of aggravating and inscrutable puzzles. You can say what you will: that I’m not fit to review this game, or that I’m an impatient player. But with this disclaimer, I have at least made my process somewhat transparent. I’ve spent 20 hours with the game, and nothing in the last two to three hours would change my opinion on the whole. If that is unsatisfactory to you as the reader, then feel free to discount my opinion entirely."

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MrAnderson1814d ago

I realize the game is bad, but a 1/5 score is just butt hurt trolling animosity and fanboyism.

Parappa1814d ago

I agree that 1/5 has to do with fanboyism. Any real unbiased review would've given it a 0/5. Of course, leave it to fanboy sites like this and they'll think it's a game worth at least a 1/5.

Afterlife1814d ago

Agree. They just want to jump in the bandwagon.

DigitalAnalog1814d ago

Once again, points rather than the content of review prevails over your judgement, you see a 1/5 score and then instantly judged on that alone showcases why so many are so unaware of the problems these types of games face.

Look at all the negative reviews, they all pretty much nailed down the same common issues: pacing, camera work, QTE, generic combat. Yes, you would think at best that this should at least be a mediocre game when by default it is playable.

However, when you have AAA budget and an ELITE team behind it performing the same mistakes as some "run-off-the-mill" developer then it deserved to be criticised to the nth degree. There is nobody to blame than CAPCOM who openly admitted they wanted to chase the COD crowd and now almost everyone called them out on it.

TepidInfection1814d ago

Ah I see, if someone has a different opinion than you that person is either trolling or crazy

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moegooner881814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Just finished Chris's campaign, since most reviewers pointed it out as the worst, and i admit it was solely action, no survival horror elements whatsoever, it is not for everyone, but i greatly enjoyed it, Leon's campaign however has many of the old school elements, really well integrated, the story intersection between the four campaigns was done pretty well, there is no way this game deserves 1/5, if you are an old school nostalgic fan, move on to another franchise, but this is beyond ridiculous.

plmkoh1814d ago

Whilst it's fair to criticise the flaws, it's not when you base your review solely on the preconception that Resident Evil should be a certain way and anything else is catostrophic failure. Doing so just makes you look narrow minded and stubborn, and haven't played the game with the right intentions.

I mean this review here is a great example of the ridiculousness: if the game truly had "a string of aggravating and inscrutable puzzles", then why is it that you were able to spend "20 hours with the game", it simply spells out that the game wasn't 'inscrutable' and in fact very playable. Not liking something doesn't equate to a broken game.

Simply is pathetic really, all these reviewers bashing this game, I don't expect avant garde material, but at least give credit where it's due.

Imalwaysright1814d ago

Ah but the game is indeed broken. Broken cover system, broken camera, broken pacing, over the top setpieces and using QTEs every 10 seconds... and i disagree with Leon's campaign having oldshool elements. I played it on professional and not once have i run out of ammo, not once have i felt tension playing it and the only "puzzle" i remember was shooting those bells. Just go forward and shoot everything in sight.

Hozi1814d ago

the game is badass, end of story! a very wise man once said "Haters gonna hate!"

ShaunCameron1813d ago

Indeed. The people whining about how RE6 is not a real RE game seem to be stuck in 1998. Do they not realize that the gameplay mechanics they hold so dear to the old RE games had little to do with whatever the survival-horror genre supposedly represented and a lot to do with the technology of the day which didn't allow Capcom's vision for the game to really come full circle until newer and better consoles came out hence RE4?

For the record despite the QTE's and suspect camera angles, RE6 is a pretty good game.

forestfrog1814d ago

All this hate just makes me want to play this game more!!! I'll be the judge!

maddfoxx1814d ago

Coming from a fan of the old school RE, this game is awesome. No it doesn't have survival horror elements, but it still a pretty good game. The cover system is a little broken, but the game is still playable. . . you dont even need to cover when enemy bullets miss most of the time.

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