Skylanders Magic Likely to Bring in a Second Year of Giant Sales (Preview) | RipTen

Michael Futter writes: The first time I ever saw a press release about Skylanders, I chuckled to myself. “Nice try, Activision,” I said. “You’re going to bury those in between the desert pits currently home to Atari‘s E.T. cartridges and THQ‘s uDraw tablet.” It wasn’t until I had the chance to talk to someone from Activision completely by accident at Call of Duty XP last year that I started to change my mind.

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ehuipe2233d ago

I'm waiting for Toys for Bob to announce that the next Skylanders is secretly the next Star Control.

PaladinXII2233d ago

We actually talked a little bit about Star Control while we were there. I think fans would be quite happy to see a new one.

badvlad2233d ago

are grown men actually playing this game? I thought it was a kid game

PaladinXII2233d ago

Then you would be mistaken. It's a great action RPG, and with the new difficulty settings, I suspect even more adults will be enjoying it.

Catoplepas2233d ago

I weep for you Spyro, I truly do.

Activision have turned a once great franchise into a bloated, pustulant, cash cow.

The only humane thing to do is put the thing out of it's misery, but I doubt Dignitas accept fictional dragons as patients.

PaladinXII2233d ago

Have you played Skylanders? Because it's a pretty fantastic game.

Vivalajmax2233d ago

Awesome insight into the game. I may actually have to shell out the cash for those figures after missing the first one. Looks great.

browland12233d ago

I have friends who are big into Skylanders and I've always wanted to give it a try, so I think I'll start with Giants.