Bowser: Feel Free to Take a Break

Every character has their arch nemesis, the Moriarty to their Sherlock or the master to their Doctor and in the world of gaming no rivalry comes quite as historic as Super Mario and Bowser. We are not sure why the electricity of this dynamic is so dynamite, after all there is no historical connection between Italian plumbers and turtle based dragons, but then again neither is there one between bats and clowns. Sometimes these things just work.

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Monkeycan81992d ago

I would love for a new mario to come out and have a different bad guy for that game.

LiquidSword931992d ago

I hope bowser never takes a break. I'd hate a new cliche or kitsch character to take any great villains place ;)

r211992d ago

The Master, not the master. Hes too cunning of a villain to have his name misspelled. Just saying.

tweet751992d ago

yes a wii u return to subcon and a challenging game might be what nintendo needs to refresh mario