Then & Now: PS3 vs. 360 Hardware

Game Informer - In previous generations, the console you bought was the same console you'd have years later. You could buy add-ons or accessories, but the core system and the way it operated never really changed. It's a completely different situation now, as the console in your living room is most likely an entirely different beast than the one that sat on store shelves at launch. The ability to update hardware via the internet has extended the typical console life cycle, and we decided to take a look at the changes that the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have gone through since launch.

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GribbleGrunger2059d ago

Why do I get the impression that some sites actually want to drive a wedge between 360 owners and PS3 owners?

yesmynameissumo2059d ago

It's not the sites, it's the gamers. Neither "side" can accept the positives or negatives of owning either console.

AO1JMM2059d ago

Well said. Bubble to you.

pablo-b2059d ago

and n4g gives these sites lots of hits for everyone of these blogs. blame the community on here for continuing the cycle.

ignore them, and they will go away

darthv722059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

its the pro's and cons of each that compels me to get them. No one platform is absolutely perfect.

I personally enjoy playing the field. It ensures I am not restricted or going to miss out on anything that may appeal to me regardless of platform.

Now, as to the article, it seems rather unfinished. Just a select bunch of short bullet points of each platform. There is a lack of full thought out conjecture of the actual changes that both have gone through.

I would expect more compassion (for the lack of a better term) to be put into each point to really make them worth taking note on.

yesmynameissumo2059d ago

But those pros/cons don't compel you to criticize someone else's choice. I had a 360, it broke multiple times, I think it and Xbox Live are shit. But I don't think the people that do enjoy the 360/Live are idiots for not having the same negative experience I had.

Jason_Tanner2059d ago

Bullsh-t bro. I gladly accept the differences (pros and cons) because my identity and sense of self worth are derived from which console I own.

Run_bare2059d ago

Well said, agree with you.

BattleAxe2059d ago

As an educated consumer....PS3 then and PS3 now.

wastedcells2059d ago

This is why as a gamer you should own both. Actually not completely true with exclusive becoming more rare every generation. But in short very well said and agree.

The_KELRaTH2058d ago

I would say it doesn't start with the gamers rather the media have been successful through non stop X v Y tactics, at creating this pretence of loyalty.
It's quite funny to stand firm that x product is the best when you're dealing with 5-6yr old technology. In real technological terms both products are ancient - the iPhone didn't exist and we're on no.5 now!

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iamnsuperman2059d ago

To be fair the article its self was just pointless and really didn't do anything (kind of a pointless read). The title was more wedge driving.

@article:the headset argument, to me, is pointless. Ok having a headset included incourages talk but it isn't like the PS3 couldn't use a headset. All you need was some cheap ass bluetooth one you can buy seperatly. If people were that bothered they could get one. I had a bluetooth headset anyway. Did I use it on my PS3. No because I didn't want to. You might find other factors could be reasons why people talk less on PSN than Live.

Outside_ofthe_Box2059d ago

That was exactly what I thought after reading the article. It was pointless. Didn't really do anything at all. But the headline is going to get fans riled up.

Crazay2059d ago

**blink blink**

You mean they aren't already?

Officially Mind blown

PurpHerbison2059d ago

Gribble... if you search around. You will see that N4G is the only site left that seems to actively fuel wars on a daily basis.

TheRealSpy2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

gettin pretty tired of really stupid people acting like fox news is the only outlet that propells this attitude. msnbc is every bit as bad, if not worse.

yeah fox news is pure crap, but there are far worse networks.

it's just become the acceptible place to attack for people of sub-level intellect and people of a clear left-wing bias (aka morons).

d3nworth12058d ago

some people just want to see the world burn.

Ak47Russia2058d ago

"gameinformer" is a xbox fanboy site, i have friends who work their, most of them hate Sony...

Btw im a PC fan i don't play consoles.

R6ex2058d ago

Who cares.

Bring on the PS4 already!

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yewles12059d ago

Wow, I just read that "SHORT" attrocity of an article. I mean, that's IT? That's all you cover? REALLY Gameinformer?

MaximusPrime2059d ago

nice looking headset from sony. should i have got one but i already got a spare bluetooth headset.

AngelicIceDiamond2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Come on this isn't July anymore games are actually out now.

Hits, Hits, Hits its what its alll about.

EDIT: This is interesting

"PlayStation 3 Then: Launch PS3 Consoles were backwards compatible with Ps2 and Ps1 titles."

Sony Now: knew there was tremendous demand so they come out with HD remakes every single year so they can profit off of it.

HD remakes/ BC is more popular on the PlayStation then the Xbox by far.

majiebeast2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Probably because sony had like 100's of titles to work with from the ps2 generation what besides halo is worth a hd remake for xbox?

AngelicIceDiamond2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

I'm speaking in general sense, Sony will charge for HD remakes and people will buy it that's a win win situation for both Sony and its fans. Sony has allot of gold under there belt when it comes to timeless games and titles.

MS has allot of dormant classic Xbox games that they failed to capitalize on. Which, in some cases isn't 100% MS fault considering allot of there titles were through 3rd party partnerships Jade Empire, Otogi 1 and 2 Advent Rising are all licensed 3rd party and of course belong to to there rightful owners.

Small rant: Its funny because I believe MS went to Bungie for a AAA FPS title (halo) and when MS saw tremendous success with the game. Bungie still held the rights to the Halo Franchise at the time. So MS bought the rights from them I believe sometime in mid production in Halo 2 (I could be wrong)

Just think if MS never bought the Halo franchise. 0_o

lategamer2059d ago

I think a big part is also:

* A lot of good Xbox games are BC. Conker, Burnout, Psychonauts, Knights of the Old Republic, Halo, Doom, Fable, GTA, Jade Empire, Panzer Dragoon, etc.

* PS3 owners just want to pay for the same game. Look at the God of War collection. Virtually the same game, some HD touchups, and PS3 owners buy it. Atleast with the Halo Remake the graphics, sound, etc. was re done.

moparful992058d ago

@lategamer Know what you are talking about before you speak.. "some hd touchups" is actually complete visual overhaul from framerate, textures, and resolution. You also bragged about how the halo remake had upgraded audio.. *looks at back of god of war collection* True dolby 7.1 surround sound support.. Your bias is showing..

jetpacksheep2058d ago

I like HD remakes, especially when I haven't played the original game but this time round its got much better visuals.

guitarded772059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )


"Sony made headlines when they announced that the 60gb model of the Playstation 3 would cost $599.99 at launch, making it one of the most expensive consoles in history. A 20gb version with less features was also available at launch."

BS... the PlayStation 3 was NOT the most expensive console in history.

Sorry for the picture quality. Both the Neo-Geo and 3DO were higher priced at launch, and the picture also shows adjustments for inflation to show a comparison of launch $$$ vs 2012 $$$. This is common knowledge among up gamers, and gameinformer is big enough to not make such simple mistakes.

darthv722059d ago

you just made an error in your statement. Here is what you put:
"BS... the PlayStation 3 was NOT the most expensive console in history."

Now here is what they put:
"making it one of the most expensive consoles in history."

It didnt say it was "THE" most expensive but "ONE OF THE" most expensive. also, despite the Neo-geo and 3DO (no disrespect) neither could touch the asking price of almost $1k for the Pioneer LaserActive CLDA100.

guitarded772059d ago

Yeah, well... you try reading on a Friday while half drunk and at work.

darthv722059d ago

half drunk, and at work.........interesting.

bubblebeam2059d ago


Or maybe he is just (gui)tarded?