Why Tokyo Jungle is The Sleeper Hit of 2012

Vagary's Kyle tells us why Tokyo Jungle is a game you must play.

"I remember starving as a former house cat, crawling over the empty husks of old cars in the irradiated desolate streets of Tokyo. Taking a drink out of a pond that had formed in the cracks of old vegetation-ridden pavement, my cat, the last of its litter, was able to stave off dehydration. The streets surrounding Shibuya station were ripped clean of food sources, and my only option was a herd of bison, long since escaped from the local Zoos, that was migrating. Then suddenly..."

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yewles12024d ago

Actual Dogs > Sleeping Dogs

Lupus642024d ago

Good pull. Yeah, having written the article, Sleeping Dogs was also on my mind; I absolutely love the characterization in that game.

Honestly, it's really hard to choose between the two in terms of which is more of a sleeper (no pun intended), but I give Tokyo Jungle the bonus point for weirdness and dogs with hats.

NovaSethyr2024d ago

the premise is quite interesting. I might have to check it out.

Knight_Crawler2024d ago

Its like POKEMON for adults : )

Its a good game and give the developers an A for trying something new but this game could have been excuted much diffrent and be a top rated game.

I think becuase they were working on a small budget they wanted to go the tongue and cheek direction instead of the serius direction which is fine but why a pom pomas your character?

HarryMasonHerpderp2024d ago

It's actually really hard lol.

Silly gameAr2024d ago

Little more challenging than I thought it would be.

Lupus642024d ago

Some dude on the Giant Bomb forums bought a PS3 for this game. No joke, lol