New Earthrise Concept Art and Wallpaper

Masthead Studios has released a new wallpaper and lots of new concept art from Earthrise, a post-apocalyptic science fiction MMO game slated to release in 2009. Earthrise will allow you to fight with advanced PvP mechanics featuring customizable power armor, huge mechanized exoskeletons, and an arsenal of weapons to control contested lands and their resources. You will influence the market-based economy by working for the corporate world or trading on the black market, all based in immense and highly customized crafting and offline play systems.

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cloud360-7th_account3759d ago

5. Haeresis is the US name for Versus which is an extremely silly name and would probably make the ignorant masses think it's a one-on-one fighting game....or even worse, some kind of mad crossover between Final Fantasy and a mediocre cel-shaded FPS. (i.e. "Final Fantasy" vs. "XIII")

Seriously though, Haeresis and Versus both mean similar things in Latin in addition to sounding similar.

Haeresis/Heresy: "dissent or deviation from a dominant theory, opinion, or practice"

Versus: "in contrast to or as the alternative of"

Ever since it was announced, "Versus" never sat well with me and whether Haeresis is an alternate title for it or a completely different game I'll wager that a game called Final Fantasy Versus XIII will never come out in the US.