The Many Deaths of Lord British

Richard Garriott's alter-ego Lord British has been appearing in his games since he launched his career with Akalabeth in 1980. The special thing about his in-game incarnations? They're indestructible. You can't kill them through conventional means.

Except gamers aren't very good at accepting the word 'can't'. Over the years, the kill-Lord-British phenomenon has evolved from canny players exploiting holes in the game's logic to game developers actively hiding murder methods for players to discover in an Easter Egg fashion. The Tabula Rasa 'Kill General British' mission is only the latest in a long and glorious history...

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Silver3603786d ago

n easy one. The game is all about rescuing Lord British. Spend too long messing around, and eventually you'll be told of the great man's demise. What... I was meant to save you? Sorry, man: I was too busy baking this lovely bread.

Tsalagi3786d ago

What's the deal with Every time i follow a link from here to there i get a virus.