Sunday 10th February's XBOX Live Marketplace Update

Here is Sunday 10th February's XBOX Live Marketplace Update:

Disruptive Publishers Community: ScrewAttack Gamer Pics
Price: 50 Microsoft Points
Availability: Everywhere

Disruptive Art: 3D Abstracts Theme
Price: 150 Microsoft Points
Availability: Everywhere

Arkadian Warriors Themepack
Price: 150 Microsoft Points
Availability: Everywhere

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meepmoopmeep3759d ago

you guys have to pay for everything... even as simple as themes and user pics? someone is nickle & diming you.

original seed3759d ago

No one is forcing people to buy themes and pics. You can either get all the FREE ones that are provided frequently or you can put up your own themes from your pictures.

Cant wait 'till Home comes out and see what they have to offer. Im looking forward to it if they dont nickel and dime me in order to customize my apt and avatar. Im sure they will charge for most but still provide free stuff via Live.

meepmoopmeep3759d ago

im pretty sure Home will nickle and dime us for stuff, but like you said.. they don't force us, so i retract my first post. my apologies.

Yi-Long3759d ago

... and I'm really curious as to which idiots ARE actually paying for crap like this!?

Rocko3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Occasionally a theme if its really good, otherwise I just use my own stuff. I don't think the retard haters are aware of the fact that 360 users DON'T have to buy stuff if they don't want to. I can't wait for HOME either, to see the look on fanboys faces when they have to pay for a sofa or some sh*t. Micro-transactions=the future, whether we like it or not.

meepmoopmeep3759d ago

although i do agree with you about micro-transactions, i think paying for a content in Home is a lot better than paying for a static image. and paying $50 dollars a year should at least give you some free content or a theme builder or something, don't you think?

Yi-Long3759d ago

... and that we dont HAVE to buy it of we dont want it.

However, I believe Microsoft strongly encourages developers to charge for this kinda stuff, and doesnt want them to release it for FREE, which is sad and a shame.

And like the guy above me says, we should at least get some way to make our own themes or pics or whatever, and put them on our 360.

I dont know how the PS3 handles this issue btw? Can you make your own stuff for the PS3? Or isnt it an issue at all?

dantesparda3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Yes, on PS3 you can make your own themes, and you dont have to pay for any of them. Whereas on Live 99% of the themes and gamerpics you have to buy, (for like around $1 & up, which is way to much for some pictures in my opinion), with only a small few being free. And if thats not bad enough, you cant just outright spend what they cost. NO! you have to buy MS points in set amounts, meaning that you'll have to spend more than you want to and then are usually left with points that cant get you anything but junk you dont want, so its like you're paying extra for nothing.

Its funny how all these things that you have to pay for on Live have always been free on the PC (pictures, themes, online gaming, etc.). Yet you have to pay for them all on Microsoft's machine. The problem is that fanboys will put up anything their beloved systems do. So MS is allowed to get away with it. All this is doing is showing Sony and Nintendo how to do it (they are already there). So i hope you's are happy with this model, cuz its only gonna get worst in the future. Mark my words!

And p.s. you can put your own background/themes on the 360 but then all the blades are the same. Hwereas when you buy them, you usually get a different one per blade. MS needs to let us put different pics on each blade! and use our on gamerpics without their camera!

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stennexxx3759d ago

Paying for themes and pictures and old reruns. CRAZZZZY. M$ making money on stuff like this and still not lowering prices for games. I just don't get how gamers can justify paying $50 dollars for being online and then having to pay also for every other ridiculous content made available.

SeNiLe9113759d ago

I agree, paying for gamer pics and themes is crazy, that is why I have never paid for any and never will. I do grab all that are FREE and there are lots.

I do feel that if people generated their own gamepics it could get out of hand and be just another thing for M$ to police. Take a look at some of the Aviators here on N4G, a lot of them are inappropriate. Looking at this site in an office environment could cause a problem for some.

$50 a year for Xbox Live Gold does not bother me much since I have never paid that much in the 5 years I have been on Live. There are always deals you can find, but sure, Free would be better. I feel with as many people on Live though, it could get out of hand with people creating a new gamer tag each week if it was FREE. People with new tags look like there a noob with no states and then you get worked over by them because there really the highest rank with their original tag.

Another thing, if it was FREE, they might not feel to upgrade the service to make it better. The PSN is FREE now but you never know, once the user base gets up there, they might start charging.

permutated3759d ago

Man, Guinness world records themes but no Guinness Draught themes?


KidMakeshift3759d ago

Why would you want to pay for Screwattack gamer pics?
What next, Noobtoob

I'd rather buy gamer pics of Ann Coulter's rotten vagina before I buy pics of crappy sites