Can’t Get a Wii U? There’s Always eBay (and $1000+ Prices)

Kotaku - Let's say you really, really want a Wii U for Christmas. Problem is, it's pretty tough getting hold of a pre-order, because most places are sold out. What options are you left with?

Two. The first is to suck it up and spend the holidays without a Wii U. The second is to take to eBay and/or Amazon, where savvy assholes and re-sellers are more than happy to get you a Wii U. For a price.

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SandWitch2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )


EDIT: funny thing is that I wanted to delete my comment, but I couldn't, so I just edited it and wrote three dots.

And I got an agree. For three ***king dots

mike1up2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )'s October, not Christmas Eve.

Godmars2902022d ago

This is why I feel its sold out so quickly: profiteering.

WiiUalpha2022d ago

Yeah if a Nintendo item sales it must be for some other reason than people want the item...I see you making comments all the time about how their sales are fake.. Why does it bother you so much? If it isnt ebayers its Nintendo themselves who are creating fake demand. It's really pathetic that you are so threatened by Wii U, that you have to go to every article to make excuses for their sales.

sikbeta2022d ago

Not agree with godmars290, but you can't deny that Always happen that a new system is released and some douches buy 'em in dozens to resell at twice or more than the original price, heck even more is demand is high enough.

givemeshelter2022d ago

When the PS3 launched and it sold out initially, were people on this site claiming it was because of "profiteering"?
You know the answer to that ;-)
Surprise surprise...People actually LIKE Nintendo systems...N4G.COM does not make up the rest of the planet of gaming,...

zgoldenlionz2022d ago

Of course lots of those sales were for profit and it's the same for Nintendo. I preordered my ps3 and every other person in line at GameStop were talking about all the money they were going to make. Go look at cheapassgamer threads about preordering wiiu and see how many people are planning to resell.

Godmars2902022d ago

With homeless guys buying them in Japan for the Yakuza, did anyone need to?

Nevermind that the same happened with the 360.

Knight_Crawler2022d ago

As much as I do not want to pay that price for a Wii U I think I will not have a choice as I promised my 2 kids and wife that this will be under our xmas tree : (

I tried everywhere and preorders are sold out.

josephayal2022d ago

of course rich people will be buying it for that much

2022d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.