Surfer Girl and Skater Boy

Two purveyors of industry secrets and gossip. How accurate are they and where do they get their stories from?

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mighty_douche3759d ago

"" lol.....

RecSpec3759d ago

This whole story was just an advertisement for them it seems.

Strife Lives3759d ago

Pimple faced goggled wearing geeks. Whatever. They make their crap up. Hw hard can it be? Its always bn such obvious stuff.they just got the worst case of ADD. thats all

Skerj3759d ago

I think they're the same damn person.

Mercutio3759d ago

Correct me, but everything this Surfer girl ( IF its a girl) said was a no brainer.. wow Gears of War announced this year?

Holy crap! who didn't know that......

It's ridiculous.

That guy or girl is REAL

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The story is too old to be commented.