Cheaper HD episodes of 'LOST' now on Xbox Live

From "Microsoft is pushing forward with downloadable video-content on Xbox Live, by offering the popular TV series "Lost" in high-definition, just to make the HD DVD price-drop announced this week more enticing.

ABC TV's popular show is now available for download in standard definition (each episode costing 160 Microsoft points or $2) or in high definition (240 MS points or $3). Xbox 360 owners can download any episode from the series' past three seasons, or the newest episodes, as soon as they air on ABC. "

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SCThor3693d ago

I always preferto have my tv colection on disk, so I cant watch it anywere.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3693d ago

Good luck finding the latest episodes on disc, unless your a pirate.

TheSadTruth3693d ago

Nothing wrong at all with stealing tv shows off the internet. Let's say you miss them, why the fu** should you have to pay to watch them?? Someone with TV can record them so you should be able to watch anything anyone else can legally record.

Sayai jin3693d ago

I will download these later.

jackdoe3693d ago

ABC offers Lost in HD streaming for free on their website. Good alternative for those who don't want to pay for each episode or for those holding off on buying Lost on Blu-ray until seasons 1 and 2 are released.

360_Rules3692d ago

They are not in 720p on ABC's website and they don't have the latest one either.

stennexxx3693d ago

Yes ABC has it Free so stop getting caught into M$ trap. Save money for the games.

mboojigga3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

It is free at where you will watch it on your computer screen vs me sitting at the couch watching the show in HD. Even though it is free you have to watch in parts and sit through watching ads in between those parts. Since ABC local channel has been a problem for me with Directv HD. I have been able to watch it in hi-def from Live vs watching it in standard def. I have the first 2 seasons on DVD and the 3rd season on BR. I don't expect people to simply download past episodes unless you just never have seen them before. But for some of us who do enjoy the show and need to catch up or missed an episode 3 bucks is not a lot to download and enjoy it in HD.

JIN KAZAMA3692d ago

If I miss an episode, i just go to the website, and watch the previous weeks episode for free in 720P on my laptop. it looks fantastic, and there are a limited number of ads. Its like 3 adds on the entire episode, only for 30 seconds. Forget paying for it, once again, M$ is aming you pay for stuff when it should be for free.