Borderlands 2 — Now With Added Gun Customization

Borderlands 2 will soon feature full on gun customization and personal modifications.

Note: This article is a satire piece.

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HammadTheBeast2053d ago

Ummm...I get it? Lol. Very misleading indeed.

iJihaD2052d ago

FUCK THIS SHIT. My adrenaline became very high for nothing.

**Click on the source (beneath the "Read full story>>" And choose WTF? story quality and No i don't like the source**

ironwolf7772053d ago

Fuck this guy and his weak article. Waste of a perfectly good click.

MGTHABO2053d ago

I think the term "Opinion Piece" would be a dead give away that this is not real news.

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2052d ago

random weapon generator in borderlands makes weapons feel generic. More is not necessarily better. Id rather have 30, unique guns than 10000 randomized ones.

Basjohn2052d ago

Did anyone even find a single E-Tech gun in their playthrough? The whole game bragged about E-Tech guns (Like Alien guns previously) but I find NOT ONE. Not even a shitty one I couldn't be arsed to use. In BL1 I only found 3 alien weapons on 2 playthroughs so their scarcity remains.

There needs to be a sort of "exchange" system in the game. Where you trade in an item (with some cash) to get another random item of the same quality+level back with maybe a 5% of it being higher level/quality.

DragonKnight2052d ago

Or maybe you can trade in a lot of lower quality weapons for higher quality ones. I'm not a fan of this weapon randomization mechanic either. Plus, the only E-Tech weapon I've seen is during that one quest. Other than that, nope.

ceballos77mx2052d ago

I found a shotgun, but it was weak compared to the one I'm using, found it during liliths cult missions.

AtomicGerbil2052d ago

You may have had one without knowing. E-tech is not a manufacturer, it's a projectile technology.

iamgoatman2052d ago

I've found quite a few, mostly pistols but I don't like the way they work anyway.

You know you've found one when the guns name is in a bright pink. This colour is exclusive to e-tech weapons, but at first glance they can look like purple level weapons.

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The story is too old to be commented.