Retail Xbox Live package redesign: part deux

XBox360fanboy's Dustin Burg writes: Some eight days ago we were worked up into a retail package redesign frenzy when we discovered that Xbox Live subscription kits got a design makeover.

Anyway, not a week later we came across more press images that showcase Microsoft points cards and Xbox Live subscription cards sporting the same orange makeover.

The only downside we found with the new redesign is that Microsoft has done away with the 12+1 month Live offer and reverted back to the standard 12 month offer

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AzaziL3568d ago

Is that a Games for Windows logo? Does that mean it's only a matter of time before free PC gaming becomes a thing of the past??? Seriously, if Microsoft pulls that bullsh*t and forces everyone to use live servers, it's one thing to have to pay for something that was once free, it's another to have to pay and receive an inferior service. I doubt live will ever handle the massive 64 player Battlefield 2 battles, or just about anything that'll require more then 16-18 players at once, and we'll have to pay for the downgrade. Guess they found another way to tax gamers, I think I'm going to get a Mac now.

Dark_Vendetta3568d ago

what about the 128 player MMOFPS (Huxley)? *rolleyes*

socomnick3568d ago

Hope you enjoy gaming on that mac.

thedude176553568d ago

for a gold membership you have a silver card? Who cares if it looks sleek just make sense.