WWE '13 To Be The "Greatest Video Game In The History Of Technology"?

According to a new video that THQ released, the upcoming grappler will be "without question, the greatest video game in the history of technology." That quote comes from WWE Hall of Famer and legendary commentator Jim Ross as he sets up a sit-down (and in-character) interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin and reigning WWE champion CM Punk.


UPDATE: THQ has asked us to pull the video down, saying that it was accidentally leaked before it was ready. They say that the full version will be up "sooner rather than later," so we'll update this post accordingly.

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decrypt2057d ago

Lol.. even console gamers wont fall for that one.

claud32057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

Nicely done.. and its so cool to see a icon punk and HOF stone cold in the same to, making many believe a real encounter would happen...

born2live2056d ago

What a bold statement for a wrestling game... Can't think of one that ever sold a million units...

StanSmith2056d ago

Erm... They have all sold over a million units since the very first Smackdown on PS1.

rocky0475862056d ago

Every WWE game sells over 1 million lol. In fact, WWE games are the number 1 fighting games franchise ever in the WORLD! Yes it beats out Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, you name them it beats them in overall franchise sales. Get your facts straight before you talk about things you know nothing about.

born2live2055d ago

I should've been more accurate - I meant within their first week.

hadouken1822056d ago

Lol..even pc/handheld gamers wont fall for that one...

Nate-Dog2056d ago

lolTHQ, sort your shit out first before you attempt to make yourselves look even more stupid.

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The story is too old to be commented.