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Submitted by Theyellowflash30 1220d ago | opinion piece

Simultaneous Co-op for Mario Galaxy 3 is pretty much confirmed

Believe it or not, Nintendo is a very meticulous, calculated company. The fact Nintendo had Activision show Call of Duty Black Ops 2 simultaneous gamepad/pro controller co-op was a harbinger for future Nintendo games. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Nintendo, Super Mario Galaxy 3, Wii U)

claud3  +   1220d ago
Cool, I likes the first two. So co-op is nice
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cashrell1171  +   1219d ago
I respect nintendo for being the great contributors to gaming they are..... But at this point im sick of mario...this has to be the single most over used franchise in history...ITS ENOUGH more mario portable mario sports, mario party, mario sleep over, mario's first kiss, mario goes to france PLEASE JUST STOP, this really speaks volumes to the fact that nintendo is extremely lacking in innovative thinkers to make new fresh IP's
claud3  +   1219d ago
Look i agree, its ran its course and needs either to reinvent itself or die. One or two, but two is the top answer
PopRocks359  +   1219d ago
Why would anyone stop doing something that a) works and b) makes tons of money?

The funny thing about Mario is when folks like yourself gets sick of it, there's always another generation to pick it back up. In that regard, it won't really stop unless no one genuinely wants it anymore.
ChickeyCantor  +   1219d ago

Why do you have to be so selfish?
Others still enjoy it. So what is the problem.

They do come up with new franchises and whatever. But they hardly shine as much as mario and zelda.
Rockoman16  +   1219d ago
If you don't like Mario games don't buy them, it's not like somebody is forcing you to do so, right?
XxWalksOfShamexX  +   1219d ago
Have you played Mario Galaxy? Those games have to be the some of the most creative games of this generation.
ConstipatedGorilla  +   1219d ago
I'm not sick of Mario, but I'd like to see him move onto something new. No more galaxy; think of a new theme.
chanmasta  +   1220d ago
I don't think there will be a Mario Galaxy 3. I think Nintendo is going to do a completely different 3D Mario platforming game scenario for Wii U.
Carl_Shocker  +   1220d ago
I was going to say the same thing...

The whole point of a new 3D Mario each gen is how differnt it is when it comes to the setting and theme of the game.

Besides I wouldn't want co-op in the game, it's the whole point they have New Super Mario Bros, can't they do just one single player Mario game for the Wii U because I have a feeling there going to try and shove co-op into everything they do in the far future.
Theyellowflash30  +   1220d ago
Nintendo will make Mario Galaxy 3. They still have more ideas to explore in that realm. Miyamoto has stated this himself. But even if its Mario 64 2 or a whole new type of Mario world, they will have co-op in there. Co-star mode is fun expanding on it only makes things better.
Snookies12  +   1220d ago
@Theyellowflash30 - Not in all cases, co-op definitely can be great if done right, however it can also take development time and ideas away that could have been focused on the single-player portion of the game.
3-4-5  +   1219d ago
I hope so.

I want them to go back to Mario 64. The levels were bigger than the small planets and were like self contained mini Quest Maps.

Give me:

* 20 worlds

* 10 Stars Each

* Each one slightly Larger than N64 paintings/worlds

* Mario & Luigi can play the Main Campaign together or Mario can play solo
linkratos  +   1219d ago

Or actually 5/6 stars each, i like the 20 levels though.

I just feel after 10 stars for the same world the game would be monotonous.

And then something like 20/30 more secret castle stars
Benjaminkno  +   1220d ago
If Nintendo is going cooperative, I really want to see what they come up with. They really can do no wrong.
from the beach  +   1219d ago
This website gives us a refreshing take on the phrase "pretty much confirmed".
fourtwenty2009  +   1219d ago
lol this
fatstarr  +   1219d ago
I cant wait to see what this looks like.
Nintendo better go all out.
because galaxy looked amazing for a wii game
it could compete with some hd twin titles.
YoungPlex  +   1219d ago
Look, Mario, Zelda and Metroid are never, I repeat, never going to die! The original Mario is the first game I ever beat back in 1987 and to this day, I have been fortunate enough to see it evolve into something special that even my son can enjoy.

I'll admit that the NSMB franchise is not my cup of tea, but SM3D Land was a perfect example of what Mario can evolve into. I literally started over and went through every stage, completing it, getting 100% with 5 stars, and it never got old. NSMB is the first side-scrolling Mario game my son ever played and he loves it. My point is this, I really don't like NSMB but the new generation of children and nostalgic fans alike, love the franchise. Nintendo knows this and sales prove that its still a highly successful franchise that instantly sells millions. Also, scores prove that the game is well received among critics and fans alike.

I myself am sick of side-scrolling Mario titles but am extremely anxious to get my hand on a new 3D Mario world or galaxy. I also can't wait for a new side-scrolling Metroid title or a Retro made Prime. Don't get me started on Zelda because, if it looks anything like the tech-demo that Nintendo used to showcase the graphical power of the Wii U, I would do back-flips all the way to the store...

Anyway OT: You better believe that the next Galaxy game will have simultaneous multiplayer action, using the gamepad or online, which would add a huge element to the flawless gameplay, that Mario Galaxy has. It would be a huge mistake if they didn't add a true multiplayer experience to a 3D Mario title in this day and age.
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TheDivine  +   1219d ago
Mario is just classic. Its a game that is for anyone. People who grew up playing it, people who have never played a game and everyone in between. People act as if Mario is COD. Theres a Mario each gen just like Zelda (2 if were lucky). Each is usually the highlight of the system that gen. SMB3, SM World, Mario 64, Mario Sunshine (not my fav but good nontheless), SM Galaxy exc. It wasnt until the wii that we got a 2d and 3d Mario together. Before NSMB the last 2d game was on the SNES! People who bitch prob werent even alive then or didnt game. Same with Donkey Kong Country. It ended on snes and then N shifted to 3d. Anyone who played it at release, Mario 64 was the most mind blowing game ever released, EVER! Thats what they need to get back to. IMO while Mario is far from milked, the New series has hurt the brand. It shouldve been a one time thing for nostalgia and then worked on a new innovative game more along the lines of World. 3d Land was a great mix of the 2 (3d and 2d) though.

Im hoping for something like 64 with many worlds and one main hub to explore, maybe Yoshi's Island? That would be epic in 3d and hit all kinds of nostalgia. Please do it Nintendo!
Plagasx  +   1219d ago
Come on, not another Mario Galaxy! Give us a new one!
Jadedz  +   1219d ago
Super Star Saga Wii U
simultaneous co-op, ARPG title.

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