Sony's steep learning process

Can the firm grasp how much the market has changed - in time to save the floundering Vita?

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DiRtY2263d ago

The Vita is the very definition of how Sony lost the connection to the market.

It is a complete failure (saleswise). It is selling below Dreamcast sales figures.

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zebramocha2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

@dirty Yeah,one year sells tells us that the vita is a failure,once you finished running your console business you should acquire Sony's game division and better than they can.

@Cato Majie comment was a counter to dirty's,I don't know what your post has to do with majie because his comment wasn't as bad as dirty.

@cato at one point it was but looking at the post number I see that I was wrong my bad.

Catoplepas2263d ago

What are you talking about? I was obviously replying to Dirty.

If I were replying to majie then my post would of been under his.

wastedcells2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

So tired of these articles. They said the same thing about psp, 3DS, ps3 and so on. First year sales on a new console or hand held can be slow sometimes, so what, people buy in when prices drop or their favorite games come out. These stupid articles are just a desperate cry for attention. They will get hits on their site and that's all they are looking for.

InsaneChronos2263d ago

Sales is not a definition of connection to the market. Vita is great portable gaming platform with a growing number of great games. What else do you consumers want?

Anon19742263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I asked this in another article and perhaps you could comment as you've obviously got it all figured out.

Looking at Nintendo and Sony's figures, since the PS Vita launched worldwide at the end of Feb it moved approx 2 million units to the end of June (bear in mind, these are rough estimates). The $80 cheaper 3DS moved approx 2.5 million in the same time frame and given that no one is complaining about 3DS sales during this period, it's assumed that's an acceptable figure for the $170 3DS.

We know the Vita is doomed and sales are dismal because we're reminded of it multiple times a day. Realistically, it's not going to outsell the 3DS with an $80 price difference, so what would be acceptable figures for the Vita? Where's the line between "doomed" and "hey everyone, it's ok!". If it had sold an extra 100k during that period? 250k during that period? What are we talking here?

Everyone seems to have it made up in their minds that the Vita is a sales disaster (except Sony and industry analysts. Those fools!) but I've never seen anyone say what the Vita should be selling.

I'm not saying the Vita is selling great by any stretch of the imagination though, don't get me wrong. Back in Feb, analysts said it'd be great if the Vita hit 12 million for the fiscal year, but they could only do that with a price cut. Sony revised their forecast to 10 million with no price cut in sight, which really isn't that far off initial analyst predictions that no one seemed to take issue with at the time. I'm just wondering of those who think Vita sales are terrible, what should the Vita be selling? It's a legitimate question.

Blankman852262d ago

Can we haz a source on that 2.5 million for 3DS, cause last I checked 3DS was in the double digits millions already and you do not achieve that by selling only 2.5 million in 4 months.

wastedcells2262d ago

People seem to forget the 3DS came out with really bad sales and they ended up discounting $100. Then had to give the people that paid full pop like 10 free downloadable games or something.

profgerbik2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

This is so wrong you dumb asses said the same shit about the PS3 oddly it has been the most sold console for about two and half years now.

OK... I'll listen to your idiotic prejudgement even though the Dreamcast wasn't even a failure. Everything you know and love today about gaming came from exactly just that the Dreamcast, whether you choose to believe it or not it did, all your Nintendo crap was on the dreamcast first even the crap Microsoft and Sony use all started from the Dreamcast.

So if that has anything to do with your analogy of Sony then I guess they are doing good in my eyes even if they did fail.

I can't stand idiots like you who cannot appreciate that instead all you care about is throwing numbers around like it means shit in todays society.

Sales aren't everything. Only Nintendo people give a shit about sales, I give a shit about good games and Playstation offers and always has offered just that.

Regardless I have never played any other consoles more than Sony's and that says something and I am sure many others can say the same.

I am still rehashing through old Playstation games that truly defined gaming as a whole. Take it how you want it but sales aren't shit especially not in this age of stupidity.

That is like saying 50cent is actually a good musician because he has sold a lot of records. How dumb are people these days? It doesn't mean shit other than the saddening fact there are bunch of morons that exist in this today's world.

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Gridloc2263d ago

Vita's first holiday season is close and we'll see what Sony has learned.

telekineticmantis2263d ago

Hardcore gaming suffers, so I'll get a vita first and get a WiiU later, can't really get a WiiU now anyway.

stragomccloud2263d ago

Agreed. Without any of the big 3 gaming suffers though. They all keep each other on their toes.

MrDead2263d ago

Another Sony doom article from JadedXGamer, you would think only unbiased members would be allowed to post on N4G otherwise the site just turns into a s**t slinging contest.

Catoplepas2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I happen to agree with you, but since there's no empirical measure of "bias" it's impossible to discern the bad eggs from the good.

Besides, bias and hate and the viscous greases used to keep the cogs of N4G turning. Without them this place would be a veritable ghost town.

Depressing ain't it?

MrDead2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

bias and hate have made a once good site into a mess. You have to trawl through endless flamebait articles and opinion pieces to get any real news and the comment section has turned into a playground where kids are running around hating and flicking each other in the balls because they own different systems.

"it's impossible to discern the bad eggs from the good", just look at the comment history.

stragomccloud2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Just thoght it as funny the name matches the feeling I get from this guy: "JadedXGamer."

maniacmayhem2263d ago

Well then we have to ask, "who is truly unbiased on THIS site?"

I would like to to think i am unbiased but even I admit that I lean more toward the 360 side. Does this mean I shouldn't post or submit any news about sony or only post if it's good news?

MrDead2263d ago

I myself lean more towards the PS3 but I don’t hate every other system because of this. Read JadedXGamer's comments and post, if you’re anything like him I wouldn't let you post anything about any system. I think if you've lost all your bubbles because of trolling then you shouldn't be allowed to post.

I think posters should have a balance in their articles and opinions not just be on some vendetta because you don’t like a company, I think members that do just turn this site into a slugging match.

I don’t have any issue with this article just the poster and his lack of balance.

stragomccloud2263d ago

Honestly, I think the Vita is a slow burn. I think it'll be like the PS3, sure it might have a rough time out of the gate, but it's library is going to become something truly unique, and it'll remembered as one of the greats.

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