Battlefield Heroes Community Reaction

Planet Battlefield writes: "Two weeks ago EA announced Battlefield Heroes, an announcement that caught everyone by surprise. Where was the rumored announcement of Battlefield 3? The first details of the game are slowly coming to light, and this is clearly not like any other Battlefield game we have seen.

The community's reaction of the game seems to be pretty negative, which is understandable since Battlefield Heroes doesn't fit the scheme of past Battlefield games. DICE have this bad perception by many mainly because they don't like how they handled Battlefield 2 and 2142."

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Cartesian3D3722d ago

yes Iam really surprised .. PS2 graphics on PC in 2008!! thats really unbelievble..

btw for that kind of artstyle we have a HUGE multiplayer game called :

TF2 ! (it doesnt need any vehicle , its hell of FUN)

GIJeff3722d ago

really like team fortress 2. The graphics are pretty fun, but thats where the fun ends for me. I dont know, im more into guns than cartoons. This new BF is making me cry on the inside.

scottyd3722d ago

That doesn't mean other devs can't use that same art style though.

MK_Red3722d ago

"they don't like how they handled Battlefield 2" WTF!?
Battlefield 2 is considered one of the best multiplayer games of all time and won more than few awards. It was way better than 1942 and Vietnam. Yes, a bit more complex but a whole lot more fun.

As for Heroes, it's obvious that EA has seen the money in this type of psedue free-to-play system and wants to try and cash in.

Genki3722d ago

I hated the game myself, easily my worst PC purchase in the last three years or so.

GIJeff3722d ago

BF2 while being great, is nowhere near what BF1942 was/is. I really just want a graphic overhaul of 1942. Keep all the same physics/gameplay/weapons(maybe add destructible environments) :)
that would be the best game in history. Oh, and shrubs should always be drawn, regardless of graphics settings.

MK_Red3722d ago

I see. I never enjoyed original B1942 much so maybe this is why I found B2 much better but it was indeed really different and so I guess not a good direction for fans of original.

kwicksandz3722d ago

Bf2 was mere shell of the brilliance that was 1942+ desert combat mod. i usually agree with pretty much everything you say but this is just waaaay off. Every BF game since the original have gotten worse and worse. 2142 was an abomination and should have been a free mod of 2, vietnam should have been cancelled in the alpha stage (hey guys lets give the bazooka troop a machine gun thats more accurate than the assualt class)

Desert combat > 1942 > rest

MK_Red3722d ago

kwicksandz, I see what you mean. Vietnam was indeed bad and 2142 wasn't much better either but I found BattleField 2 (The PC version not the 360 spin-off) rather enjoyable and to me, it was more fun than original 1942 though that one was indeed really great.

I've heard many great things about Desert Combat but sadly never got to try it so all my experience of the B1942 is limited to the original version.

Still, I've never been a multi player gamers and aside form Coutner Strike, WC3 and UT, I hardly played other MP games so maybe I didn't give original B1942 enough time.

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fermcr3722d ago

They should just stop this BF Heroes nosense and give us BF3 with the new frostbite engine. WTF... do i have to buy a console just to play the new Battefield game :(

WTF Dice... did you forget about the PC players... they made you what you are today.

scottyd3722d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they are already working on it. As many people have said this could just be a tie over. As the article says give it a chance.

TheIneffableBob3722d ago

DICE likely have three teams.
One working on Battlefield 3, one working on Battlefield Heroes, and one working on Battlefield: Bad Company.

Rikitatsu3722d ago


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