15 great ways to dress up your Windows PC

By Preston Gralla:

Are you bored with Windows' appearance? Fancy giving it a makeover? Well you can, these 15 downloads will let you dress it up and tweak its appearance just about any way you want. Create a virtual 3D space or even add the Mac OS X dock to your PC.

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Skerj3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

All that crap is bloated and uses too much ram except Microangelo. I used to use Litestep but now I just get by with a hacked uxtheme.dll and some sweet visual styles and wallpapers. Still visually effective with a no additional resource footprint.

DR-IVO3693d ago

windows classic, it beats every single visual style.

SaiyanFury3693d ago

I use Windows Classic design in Windows XP x64, but I might give 3DNA a look. I'm not worried about RAM consumption since I have 4GB of it.

KYU21303692d ago

You can dress up a Windows PC but you can't make it work.