The PS Vita Fall Gaming Guide: Where did all these games come from? [SideQuesting]

Steven Strom of writes:

"The Playstation Vita launched last February in North America with a very strong launch line-up. Since then, however, things have been dry. Very dry.

But as we approach the holiday season, there’s been something of a stealth-influx of upcoming games for Sony’s little handheld that could. With so many people maligning the Vita’s perceived lack of content, you’d think that more of these games would be receiving an extra push for attention from Sony. Nevertheless, we’re here to help you determine which Vita games are right for you this fall."

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remanutd552264d ago

they forgot Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault

MultiConsoleGamer2264d ago

Retro City Rampage with cross platform play.


GribbleGrunger2264d ago

All these games are fine and dandy but they don't mean a jot if Sony don't advertise. Just looking through that list is inspiring for any Vita gamer and when you realise that not ALL the games that are coming this year were actually there, you begin to realise just 'how' inspiring it is. 'BUT', Sony now need to reach out to people 'without' a Vita and lift the veil of deceit the media has created.

Bowzabub2263d ago

They need to use Home to advertise. Nothing beats viral.

Jurat2264d ago

It surprises me that Sony isn't bundling the Vita with the new PS3 Super Slim.

andibandit2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

yeah they could bundle those 2 along with a memory card, a game, and a HDMI cable for 700$.

Protagonist2264d ago

If they had priced the PS3 Super Slim right, I think it could have been possible.

Baddo_Ekkusuchi2264d ago

retro city rampage next week!!!! damn, im still enjoying super crate box and aqua kitty. give me trophies on psmobile dammit!!

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